Note: this page details driving test refunds from the RSA. It does not relate to Allied Driving Instructors terms.

When are driving test refunds paid?

Compensation is paid where the RSA cancels a scheduled test within 24 hours when a driver tester is unexpectedly unavailable. This could be due to the tester being ill or have suffered a bereavement etc. As well as necessary RSA training. But there is no other tester available to cover.

When are driving test refunds not paid?

The RSA will not pay compensation when a test cannot go ahead due to inclement weather conditions. So if the driving test because of weather, the learner driver retains their service credit for their driving test and will be issued with a new invitation to book a new driving test as soon as slots are available at their requested driving test centre. However, RSA testers at each test centre make decisions if the tests are cancelled due to the weather.

What compensation can be claimed?

When a learner driver has booked and paid for the hire of a car for the purpose of their scheduled driving test, then the fee for car hire for the actual driving test element may be claimed. When a learner driver has taken time off work and lost out on their wages, loss of earnings will be paid at a minimum wage rate of €101.60.

How should a learner driver apply for compensation?

A learner driver should fill out the attached form, including their bank details and submit it to The learner driver must claim car hire with the below form and an invoice. The driving school must stamp and mark the form ‘paid’. Where the learner driver is claiming compensation for loss of earnings, they will need to submit a letter from their employer on headed paper confirming their employment. The RSA processes within 10 days of receipt and payment arranged where the claim is successful. Actual payment of compensation may take up to 28 days. The RSA now pays compensation directly via electronic fund transfer (EFT) to the learner driver submitting the claim.

For more complex issues contact the RSA here.

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