Listed below is are some of the Irish road signs for the Driving Test, that learner drivers are commonly asked in the theory section of the driving test. However, the driver tester could ask any road sign. In addition driving test candidates should also study the theory questions for the practical driving test. Again, anything from the rules of the road could be asked. But we have listed some of the most common questions there. Also, before driving the tester can ask relating to under the bonnet of the car. In conclusion, if you have not sat a driving test before it is all explained on our pre-tests page. All of this preparation can be done well before your test day. Therefore, you should be able to start driving without having lost a mark in these sections.

Regulatory Road Signs.


Warning Road Signs.


Official Sheets for Road Signs for the Driving Test.

Below are photos of the actual pages used by RSA testers to assess your knowledge of the Irish Road Signs. Although, we have shown the signs they prefer to ask above, any of the below can be asked. However, you will be able to find the full list of road signs in the Rules of the Road. In addition, to all of the regulatory signs, warning signs, information signs you will find pictures of the various types of road markings. Above all, during your driving test it is important that you react properly to the road markings that you come across. Therefore, make sure you are familiar these signs and markings in the test area.

Road Signs for the Driving Test Side A

Actual driving testers page for road signs.

Road Signs for the Driving Test Side B

Actual driving testers page for Road Signs 2.