Driving lessons in Raheny are recommended if you are planning on doing your driving test from the Raheny drivng test centre.

Transition year students of Manor House have been doing a road safety course for many years and are reminded to tell us when booking lessons.

Our Dublin driving school also offers lessons throughout Dublin. Additionally we have instructors in other counties too.

Driving Lessons Raheny FAQ

Do I need to live in Raheny to pass my driving test in Raheny?

No, you don’t need to live in Raheny to do your driving test in Raheny. If you do great, but you live where you live. We generally recommend that you go to the test centre that you live nearest to. If that is Raheny, then you will pass your driving test in Raheny. If your driving is good enough, you should be able to pass the test anywhere. That said, if you can practice driving the test routes in Raheny as it gets closer to your test that would help.
We offer driving lessons in Raheny, Artane, Baldoyle, Beaumont, Clontarf, Coolock, Donaghmede, Edenmore, Kilbarrack and lots more surrounding areas.

How do I pass the driving test in Raheny?

Drive properly. Okay, I’ll give a better answer. Get EDT driving lessons in Raheny from a good instructor, who is telling you the right information from the start. Take a fair number of lessons to learn to drive properly. Practice properly. Keep doing what your instructor has told you, when you practice with your sponsor between lessons. If you can’t do this, it means you will need more lessons. Give your instructor  a few weeks minimum notice of your test date, to make sure they can get the timing right for the last few pretest driving lessons in Raheny. Study the theory questions, road signs, under the bonnet and internal controls. Make sure your leaner permit, insurance, tax, N.C.T., tyres and lights are in date / in good condition before your test day.

Once you get in there, you have to see that you have done enough preparation so you can now show the tester how well you can drive. I believe saying ‘Don’t be nervous’ is pointless. But try not let the nerves affect your driving. Accept that you may make mistake. But do not panic. Just fix them and get back to the proper driving that you have been doing for months in Raheny.

What is the average cost of driving lessons in Raheny?

Driving lessons in Raheny can cost as little as €30 and as much as €57.50 per hour in 2020. driving schools charging the very low prices are often trying to break into the market with cheap lessons while they learn the trade. Driving schools in Raheny charging the very top prices are no better than most of the other. About €45 as a basic hourly rate is good, with discounts for bundles.

Driving lessons Raheny