Experienced drivers sometimes get to a point where it is no longer safe to drive. So in these cases an on road driving  assessments may be needed. As such this is part of an overall assessment of their abilities.

Driver Assessments Ireland are the Irish leaders in this field. As part of this they provide objective and independent assessments to ensure the safety of drivers throughout the country. We, at Allied Driving Instructors work with DAI to perform the on road driving assessments throughout significant parts of Dublin.

There are a variety of conditions that may lead to the need for fitness to drive assessments. These may be medical or age related. Therefore we offer driving assessments in cases involving dementia, diabetes or seizures. Also a multitude of other conditions. As such we help shape how someone begins to drive, comes back to driving or continues to drive. Therefore DAI take the feedback from the Approved Driving Instructor along with other data to make a report for the Doctor, family member or whoever requested the assessment.

D.A.I. use Road Safety Authority, Approved Driving Instructors for their on the road assessments. Darragh, Bernard and Ena have done assessments for Driver Assessments Ireland at the time of writing . These are not to be considered as tests. But more as a drive on your regular routes.

On road driving assessments with Allied Driving Instructors

Approved Driving Instructor