After leaving the office in which the tester asked you theory questions on the rules of the road and road signs, they will next ask you these under the bonnet checks for the driving test.

In other words, the tester will ask you to point out certain items under the bonnet and how to check levels in some reservoirs. Remember do not touch the engine if it is hot. For instance, the tester may ask: ‘How you would check the level of the oil?’ The engine should be cool and the car parked on level ground to get a correct reading. You would take the dip stick out and wipe it. After that put it back in the same hole. Then taking it out again check that the residue of oil is between the minimum and maximum marks. ‘How would you check the level of the coolant ( often referred to as water )? Again the engine should be cool and the car parked on level ground. Look through the side of the container to see that the level is between minimum and maximum marks.

When looking under the bonnet of your own car be aware that the lids of the various containers are usually labelled to help you in naming the parts. Therefor take time to read these labels on your car, so that you know the under the bonnet checks for the driving test .

After this you will be asked questions about the internal controls. Above all else if you are not familiar with the format of the driving test it is explained on our pre-tests page, so take a read. The RSA produce a guide with more information beyond what is needed for the driving test.

Sample engine labeled for under the bonnet checks for the driving test

The following cars were chosen as they were the highest selling cars in Ireland in recent years. These are samples of those popular cars. However the layout and even the engine used in any given model can change, sometimes on a yearly basis. If your car looks different to the examples below, send a good quality photo to I’ll do my best to help you with labeling the relevant parts. These should guide you for the under the bonnet checks for the driving test.

The driving school car used by Darragh in Dublin North is a Ford Focus 2021.

  1. Ford

    Ford Focus Sample:

  2. Hyundai

    i20 Sample

    Driving school picture of Hyundai i20 engine labled for a driving test. With label.

    Getz Sample

  3. Nissan

    Micra – Driving School Car

    Micra Engine


  4. Renault

    Fluence Sample

  5. Toyota

    Yaris Sample

    Toyota Yaris engine labeled for driving test show and tell.

  6. Volkwagen

    Golf Sample

    Passat Sample


Other popular car will be posted shortly. These include: Toyota Corolla, Renault Megane, Skoda Octavia, Toyota Auris,  Opel Corsa, Renault Clio, Nissan Micra.