Learning to Drive.

If you are a beginner and learning to drive we can get you through the twelve compulsory, Essential Driver Training (EDT) driving lessons or our traditional non EDT driving lesson syllabus. However we can help if you have been practicing for a while or need a full licence quickly. If so we runĀ intensive driving courses as a specialty.

But then if your driving test is coming up we can help. In this case we help improve your driving and familiarise yourself with the driving test routes on our pre test lessons. Some of the routes are shown on our Driving Test Routes page for Raheny, Finglas, Tallaght, Mulhuddart, Dun Laoghaire and more. You will also need to prepare for your test with a mock test. We will show you more of the test routes during these driving lessons in Dublin and other areas.

Although if you are an improver we offer driving lessons on fuel efficient eco driving. As well as learning to drive in harsh weather conditions such as snow, ice and floods. Or maybe, you need help dealing with roundabouts or have passed your test and are not comfortable with motorway driving.

Specialist services.

We can help if you are a transition year student or a TY coordinator. As such we are involved in transition year driving and road safety courses in numerous schools.

However we can also help if you have a full licence from another country. This could be our very popular intensive reduced EDT course or it could be a driving orientation course. The later is often paid for by the multi national company that brought you to Ireland. This quick two hour course can also be booked in advance from Dublin airport.

But then we also offer on road driving assessments for the older driver.

Additionally we run training for ADIs.

Allied Driving Instructors offers category B (car and light van) driving lessons in Dublin. We have independent RSA ADI qualified driving instructors offering driving lessons throughout Dublin and surrounding counties. During which, you can get all the knowledge and skills you need to learn to drive.

You never stop learning. So we can help wherever you are in the Learning to Drive Process you are. We have a huge amount of information on the various pages of this site. You should make full use of all of this free information. So scroll and click through all of our pages.

Learning to Drive Driving lessons Dublin

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