These prices apply to driving lessons with Darragh and Barney. Instructors in other areas work independently and can set their own prices.

Although prices start from €39 per hour as part of a bundle, the basic price for driving lessons in Dublin is €49. For this you get expert one-on-one, tuition using a range of media; simple and complex explanations with the aid of diagrams, handouts demonstrations and videos, as required. Also, door to door service if suitable from home, work, school, college, clubs, etc. Your instructor will be R.S.A. A.D.I. qualified and experienced. They will be able to tailor your lessons to suit your needs and upload EDT lessons as needed.
Pretest driving lessons / driving test preparation costs €49 per hour.

Discounts for bundles:

Single lesson (1.5 hours) €75

Double lessons (2 hours) €95

Reduced EDT (6 hours) €275

Reduced EDT (intensive weekend) €320

Standard EDT (12 hours) €495

Intensive driving course  (12 hours within two weeks) €495

Intensive weekend course (12 hours mostly during a weekend) €595

Sponsor pack small (18 hours) €695

Sponsor pack midi (24 hours) €925

All in pack (36 hours) €1395

Prices correct as of 19th of August 2020.

Car rental for driving tests:

The normal price for using our car for your driving test is €150. This includes at least one hour of a driving lesson just before your test. For many people this is essential to calm the nerves and get those last minute tips and advice. You have use of the car, with insurance for the purpose of your test. It will also include a test debrief to explain your marks and a lift home if required and reasonable.

Discounts for tests: We will reduce the cost of car rental for the test to €120 if: you have previously done your EDT lessons with us, take a bundle of at least six hours pretest lessons with us before the day of your test or if you were unsuccessful in a previous attempt where you had taken at least five hours of pretest lessons with us.

Emergency Pretest Lessons:

There may be a possibility of getting a pretest lesson at short notice. The availability of these lessons is not guaranteed. It may require the driving instructor to work outside of their normal hours or to ask another learner to postpone their driving lesson. For these reasons a higher rate of 60 euro per hour or 85 euro for 1.5 hours will apply. Typically this will mean the driving instructor is finishing the lesson later than 9 pm on a weekday and later than 4 pm on a Saturday or Sunday. If another learner is being moved they may be compensated by a longer lesson in the future.

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Terms and Conditions

Again these terms are specific to the Dublin driving schools. Each regional instructor can have their own variations of these terms. Please ensure you have a valid driving licence with you on the day of each lesson. Payment should be made prior to or at the beginning of driving lesson or pretest lesson. Cancellations of a lesson with less then 48 hours notice may be charged 50% of an hourly cost or 50% of a prepaid hour. Cancellations made with less then 2 hour notice or non attendance may be charged the full cost of an hour lesson or forfeit one prepaid hour. Instructors can reduce these charges in certain cases for legitimate or exceptional circumstances. We reserve the right to withhold the hire of the tuition vehicle for a driving test, if in the opinion of your driving instructor you are not fully prepared to sit your driving test.