Allied Driving Instructors offer Driving Orientation for international drivers. We can tailor a 2-hour session to suit the individual driver. After an initial conversation we set a baseline. We take into consideration:
– driving test standard of home country;
– driving style of home country;
– actual on road experience before and after passing their test;
– experience driving manual transition if choosing to do orientation in same;
– previous driving history from counties lived in.

We will assess the participant’s baseline information. Then we will adapt an appropriately safe, yet challenging route during their driving session. We typical address challenges like:
– using the left hand for gear changes;
– spatial awareness sitting in the driver’s seat on the right;
– positioning the car in the left lane;
– roundabouts, right of way, road traffic law, etiquette and sharing the road with other road users.

Driving Orientation for International Drivers are often organised by multinational companies for their employees. However, some participant will remain in Ireland for longer than 12 months. Therefore they must obtain an Irish driving licence to legally drive after their first year. This includes doing the theory test. Then getting a learner permit. Followed by EDT lessons. Finally the driving test.

This service can be contracted and paid for by an employer. We are currently performing this service for Intel staff as arranged for their relocation service. However, we can also do driving orientation for individuals.

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