Welcome fellow driving instructor to our services for ADIs page where we can help you.

Do you have as many customers as you used to? Are other driving schools eating away at your share of the pie? Have other driving schools got their websites ranking higher then yours on Google searches? We have a range of services for ADIs to help.

Allied Driving Instructors ( AdiDriving ) is a primarily Dublin based driving school. But we offer our marketing expertise and links to instructors in various other counties and other countries. We can get our pages listed higher in certain counties then the instructors working in that county. But more importantly we can help get your website listed higher. If you are looking at this page you have the opportunity to gain some extra customers over your rivals. Our services include:

Jobs, listings and packages.

*** Franchise *** – Join Allied Driving Instructors. Benefit from a personalised page on this large, central site. Receive a dedicated and targeted marketing campaign for your area. Use professional, quality; car signage and marketing material. Get posting on social media accounts, Google marketing tools and special deals set up for you. Payment plans to suit your needs. Option of using your own car or our dual-control, driving school car.

** Regional Instructor Listing ** – Get listed on our Test Centres page to get every learner driver that comes to our site for your area. Have your name, phone number, email and website listed beside your local test centre. There will also be some detail here about you as a driving instructor. Cost from €145 per test centre, per year.

*** Regional Instructors Package *** – This is the most successful and effective way of learner drivers finding you for their driving lessons and pre tests. This extensive range of services for ADIs includes a regional instructor listing on the test centre page, a blog article promoting your driving school, social media promotion and plenty of links to your site. Initial cost from €245 with a yearly cost from €195 ( depending on test centre listing ).

SEO and other Web Services for ADIs.

Social Media Promotion – Through our various Facebook and Twitter accounts ( eg. AdiDriving, Test Centres, Twitter ) we can promote your website or your own social media accounts. Cost – Free to €198.

Back links – From basic reciprocal links to numerous deep links we offer a range of services. Cost – from free to €295.

* Blog * – Either have something written about you and your driving school or write something yourself. Either way this is a great way to get high quality links to your site. Cost – €100 to €195.

** Web-pages ** – Have your own web-page hosted within our site. You can have a page specifically about you along side the volume of useful content of our site. Visit this page to get a better idea of what you can get. Initial cost of €250 with yearly cost of €150. This includes a free one year listing as a regional instructor for your local test centre. It is advisable to upgrade to a promoted web-page.

*** Promoted Web-page Package *** – It is all well and good having a page, but you need learner drivers to find it. This gives you, your own web page plus the Regional Instructors Package. Initial cost from €350 with a yearly cost from €195 ( depending on test centre listing ).

SEO Services – We can also help you improve your own site’s listing on Google searches. Cost from €195 for 3 months.

Websites – We can produce your own unique website. With as much information as you want. POA. Take a look at our samples; Turning Point Driving, Professional Driving Instructor Association.