There may be a possibility of getting an emergency pretest lessons at short notice. The availability of these lessons is not guaranteed. It may require the driving instructor to work outside of their normal hours or to ask another learner to postpone their driving lesson. For these reasons a higher rate of 60 euro per hour orĀ 85 euro for 1.5 hours will apply. Typically this will mean the driving instructor is finishing the lesson later than 9 pm on a weekday and later than 4 pm on a Saturday. Alternatively working on Sunday. If another learner is being moved they may be compensated by a longer lesson in the future.

It is important to read our terms and conditions before confirming emergency pretest lessons. Also, confirm that you are using your own car or that you need a car for the pretest lesson. Additionally, it is your responsibility to ensure you car is in proper working order i.e. no warning lights. But your brake lights and indicators are working. As well as your tyres being in good condition. Also you windows need to be functioning. Finally make sure that your disks and learner permit are in date.

You can book an urgent driving test with the RSA if you meet their requirements.