After you answer the questions about under the bonnet, you will sit into the driver seat. Then, as part of the driving test you will be asked how to demonstrate some of the internal controls in your car. The sample pictures below show the internal controls of one our current driving school cars. However, the symbols are the same in almost every car. Get to know how to turn on and off the various secondary controls in your car.

Display with labelled Light Controls:


Labelled Air Controls:


Labelled Wipers Controls:

It is important to know the internal controls for the driving test. Similarly, in all of your driving too, that you are familiar with the controls on your car. Therefore, if you get a new car you should spend some time getting used to the controls. Take time to sit in your car pressing every button and turning every dial. Additionally, you should take the manual into your home to spend some time reading through the most important sections. For example, if you are driving at night and you come across some fog, you should be able to turn the fog lights on without having to look for them. The same should be the case for all controls even your radio.