Will driving recharge your car battery?

June 8th, 2021

Will driving recharge your car battery?


But will idling?

The answer is also, yes. So long as the engine is running the alternator keeps a flow of AC power to the battery.

If you don’t use your car for a long time the battery will slowly drain of power. This is even more likely to happen during colder weather. So the first step is to “turn over” the engine of a car that is not being used for long periods. This is turning on the engine. It can also be useful even just to drive a car even just a little to help prevent various parts from seizing.

However, just like your phone there comes a time when the battery just does not hold it’s power any more. This means it is time to get a new battery. They are an easily and commonly changed part. Although, sometime the problem is a little more complicated. Another issue is that the alternator may have ceased working. Again this can be changed. But it is more costly and complicated.

Sometimes, it is not a big issue as mentioned above. No parts need replacing. But your battery is flat. This is why you should always carry jump leads. To get your car started you will need a second car. Once your car is running, you can ask yourself, will driving recharge your car battery. Having read this article you will know that your car should recharge while idling too.

Will driving recharge your battery

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