What driving technique saves fuel?

May 8th, 2022

What driving technique saves fuel?

Smooth driving is best for saving fuel, keeping your car in good condition and it’s definitely safest too. This means, effective but not excessive acceleration and braking. Following a smooth but accurate line on your turns.

You do have to get up to the appropriate speed for a road, making good progress and avoiding undue hesitancy. How fast this is can be difficult to explain in a blog article. A little drive with a good instructor can really help make a licenced driver into a better driver. If you are in a manual car following the advice for the correct timing of gear changes on our driving lessons page.

In terms of braking, you should slow down at a rate that allows for the full “Mirror signal position speed look” sequence.

When it comes to position, there are a lot of factors that affect your correct position. This could fill a whole other article. But the point to consider here is that unless it is absolutely necessary any adjustment to position should be gradual, predictable and smooth.

This is all good in theory, but a session with a good driving instructor will help you make most sense of what driving technique saves fuel.

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