What does the Irish Driving Licence look like?

March 17th, 2021

Irish Driving License

Short answer: The picture above shows what the Irish driving licence looks like.

Longer answer: The Irish driving licence is a credit card size and design. The learner permit is green and the full licence is pink. The learner permit is green. It is the objective of every learner to swap the green for the pink. Driving lessons with Allied Driving Instructors will help with this. There is a list of important information on it. A common question is, what is the driver number? I will explain the listed information now.

1. Family Name.
2. First Name.
3. Date and Place of Birth.
4a. Date of Issue. 4c. Issued by.
4b. Date of Expiry. 4d. Driver Number (This is an important number you will need for filling in forms etc.)
5. Licence Number (Not used by you.)
6. Is your photograph because the layout of this card is terrible.
7. Signature.
8. Address.
9. Categories you are licensed for.

How do you get an Irish driving licence? It is the National Driving Licence Service ( NDLS ) who are responsible for driving licences in Ireland. They issue learner permits and full licences. This service can be done online if you have a public services card.

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