What are EDT lessons?

April 10th, 2020

What are EDT lessons?

What are EDT lessons? EDT stands for Essential Driver Training.

But what is essential driver training?

They are the twelve compulsory driving lessons that learner drivers are legally required to do in Ireland. After passing your theory test and getting a learner permit / provisional licence you are required to do these lessons and hold your learner permit for six months before you will be allowed get a test date. The RSA’s plan is that you will take a one hour lesson every two weeks. As well as practice with a full licence driver, for three hours before each lesson. This does not work for everyone.

Can I do more than one lesson every two weeks or even per week?

Yes. You can do the lessons closer together. This can be useful if you cannot get any practice. Some people simply do not have access to a car or cannot afford to be added to the insurance. Also, sometimes the owner of the car is not comfortable driving with the learner until they have done more lessons. This is understandable. Practice should be done on easier roads then the lessons with your instructor are done on.

Can I do longer lessons?

Yes. The RSA like the uniformity of one hour lessons. But some people are only getting warmed up near the end of the lessons. Many driving instructors like to do two hour lessons. This suits some people. The instructors for one. But some people find this draining and their driving gets very bad towards the end of the lesson. Personally, I find that one and a half hours works best in most situations.

How fast can I do the EDT lessons?

If you have already done plenty of driving, perhaps in another country it can be done a lot faster. Longer lessons are easier if driving is already easy for you. Multiple lessons in a week or in a day are feasible if you are not finding the lessons difficult. If you have a full licence from another country you may be able to get approval for the NDLS to do the reduced EDT. This is just six hours compared to the normal twelve and also removes the six month delay on the test.

Ultimately lessons can and should be tailored to the needs of the learner when possible.

EDT Driving Lessons

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