Turning Point Driving School

April 12th, 2022

Allied Driving Instructors is please to announce it’s partnership with Turning Point Driving School.

Turning Point Driving School offer automatic driving lessons in Swords and surrounding areas. Pre test lessons are available in Charlestown, Finglas and Raheny. Female RSA approved driving instructor.

Most instructors are sticking with manual for the near future. Although, Turning Point Driving School has opted for an automatic-transmission, driving-school car. This is the future. Traditionally, automatics in Ireland were more expensive to buy, to run and repair. Then they sold for less. That was because most people in Ireland drove manual. However, almost every hybrid and electric is automatic.

Currently if you pass your driving test in an automatic, you are only licenced to drive automatic. Where as, if you pass in a manual you can drive either. But is this going to be an issue if you only intend on buying and driving automatics? It cannot be denied that it is easier to learn to drive in an automatic. If you really want to, you can go back and do a driving test in a manual. But will there be a need to, if the number of manual cars is getting less. One thing that may change this is the growth of hydrogen cars. Then don’t get me started on self driving cars. They still need many more years to become effective.

Turning Point Driving School

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