Transition to New Card Licences

December 12th, 2012

Transition to New Card Driving Licences

RSA Press Release.

As you will be aware the new plastic card driving licences will be introduced on 19th January 2013 here in Ireland as well as all European member states, for learner permits and full licences.

To assist with an orderly transition to the new plastic licence / Permit Motor Tax all driving licence applications received from the 12 January will be on the new plastic card type licence with an issue date of the 19th January. The new plastic licence will be produced in a standalone secure facility and therefore driving licences cannot be produced at local Motor Tax Offices. Therefore we strongly urge you to advise customers to obtain or renew their licence or permit ahead of 12th January if they need one during the week of the 14th January (first or renewal).

This may have important consequences for those wishing to undergo their practical driving test during this period so it is extremely important that they obtain their learner permit in good time. Equally anyone with a Driving Licence due for renewal during that period should also renew ahead of time to ensure continuity of entitlements.

There are many changes to the rules about obtaining a Learner Permit / Driving Licence details of which are available from the RSA website.

The issuing of Driving licences / Learner Permits will resume as normal from Monday 21st January 2013.

Note: Allied Driving Instructors will be able to help you get from a learner permit to a full licence with EDT driving lessons and pre test driving lessons. Learner permits and driving licences are issued by the National Driver Licence Service in Ireland. ADI Driving supports this change as the previous licences were easily counterfeited. As well as easily damaged. The new licences are much easier to keep in a wallet.

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