The ADI Check Test – RSA Overview

July 25th, 2023

The ADI Check Test – RSA Overview

In recent months we have seen an increase in new ADI’s being registered. It’s been a while since our last newsletter so we felt in would benefit the new ADIs and hope to clarify check testing going forward. The Road Traffic (Approved Driving Instructors) Regulations require driving instructors whose names are contained in the register of Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) to a test of continuing ability to instruct, this test is commonly known as a “Check Test”.

◼ There are different types of Check Test. Usually the first type of Check Test you would attend for is an ‘informational’ Check Test. This informational check test differs from the formal check test as it will not generally result in any formal assessment being made of an Instructor’s performance. Your ADI Examiner will offer feedback which is designed to assist you with the continuing quality of instruction being given.
◼ All other Check Tests undertaken by an Instructor will be more formal and will result in an assessment of your performance being made and recorded.
◼ Where performance is at or above the requirements of continuing registration under the ADI scheme then your full permit will be renewed upon application when it falls due. Within the first period of registration.
◼ If, however, performance is assessed as being less than satisfactory a second Check Test will be arranged within six to eight weeks. During that period, you should take steps to address the issues highlighted in the first Check Test.
◼ On the day of your appointment, you should attend at the centre as per your appointment together with your pupil and suitable vehicle in good time. If you are too late or have not fulfilled all of the requirements of the test, your appointment may be cancelled, and you will have to attend again usually within ten days at a centre specified by the RSA.

*Please be aware that cancelling an appointment and or failure to show up may result in a
delay in any future renewal of your ADI registration.

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