September 24th, 2015

Allied Driving Instructors have a list of all the websites that you may need with safe links on our useful links for learning to drive page. There are more scams our there for learner drivers than just this NDLS Scam. We would also warn against trying to buy a driving licence from someone on Facebook or through WhatsApp. They will not work and will carry major consequences if you are caught.

“The Road Safety Authority (RSA) has today 23 September 2015 become aware of fraudulent mobile phone text messages, purporting to come from the RSA’s National Driver Licence Service (NDLS), containing a link to a website seeking personal identity and banking details.

These text messages did not issue from the NDLS.

The NDLS never send unsolicited text messages asking for personal information.

The NDLS only sends a no-reply text message to customers confirming an appointment time at an NDLS centre.

Anyone who receives an unsolicited text message purporting to be from the NDLS seeking personal information and suspects it to be fraudulent or a scam should simply delete it.

Anyone who provided personal information in response to these fraudulent text messages should contact their bank or credit card company immediately.

The RSA has advised both the Gardai and the Competition & Consumer Protection Commission of this fraudulent activity.”

We have written an article on How to get a learner permit / full licence. It is well worth a read and will go through the steps needed while also having safe links. Again we would warn you to be careful of the many scams relating to driving licences. Do not go through Facebook or WhatsApp for these. Many driving instructors have reported the fake profiles. But unfortunately they are not always removed. Also if they are removed a new one is back up the next day.


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