One or two hour driving lessons – Which is better?

March 13th, 2021

One or two hour driving lessons. Which is better for learning to drive? How quick do you want to learn? Can you do double lessons?

The duration of lessons can vary. Often, learners are just getting warmed as a single hour lesson ends, once admin and the lesson content is done. Two hour lesson can work, depending on where you live and how much driving you have done. But many learners find them exhausting and the standard of their driving falls in the latter stages. Personally, I find one and a half hours is often the most productive. Although, I will frequently do two hour lessons. This can be the case if a driver is doing an intensive course or a reduced EDT course. Also, if the driver is preparing for a driving test and lives a long way from the test centre.

As the learner you should talk to your instructor to find what suits you the best. Although, it may be the case that your driving instructor needs to do one or two lessons to fit you in properly to their timetable. They will need to make efficient use of their day.

One or two hour driving lessons

One or two hour driving lessons, which is best?

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