New 2012 road markings and signs

November 7th, 2012

New 2012 road markings and signs

RSA Press Release.

The National Roads Authority (NRA) have been updating and improving road markings across Ireland following the updating of the national Traffic Signs Manual which was released by the Department of Transport.  The following are the new 2012 road markings and signs. As part of this work a new broken white line has been introduced and is currently in use on certain national roads across Ireland.  This new broken line (Warning Line) is a longer white line with less space/breaks between the white line markings.  (At present existing broken white lines are made up of 3 metre lines followed by a 9 metre gap. The new ‘Warning Lines’ have a 4 metre line followed by a 2 metre gap). The new ‘Warning Line’ is designed to alert a driver where forward visibility is restricted, or on the approach to some other hazard (e.g. a roundabout or other junction).

In addition to the ‘Warning Lines’ there are a number of new Traffic Signs being introduced that are highlighted in the advert. These include a new ‘NO ENTRY’, ‘START OF CLIMBING LANE’ AND ‘END OF CLIMBING LANE’ traffic sign.

The Rules of the Road are being amended to include guidance on these new additions.

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