September 20th, 2023

What is My EDT? This is the online portal where you can see which of your driving lessons have been successfully uploaded.

What is the EDT? It stands for Essential Driver Training. These are the 12 hours of compulsory lessons that you need to do as you learn to driving in Ireland. If you have passed a driving test in another country, but can’t do a straight swap you may seek approval for the reduced EDT from the NDLS. This lowers it to 6 hours.

What if you can’t see your lessons on the portal? Don’t panic. Many driving instructors will upload your details on My EDT in a batch load, when then can spend an evening on the computer. Others will be able to upload lessons using their phone. Either way a quick text or WhatsApp to your instructor usually sorts this out. If you have lost the contact details for your instructor or they are no longer working as an ADI then the RSA will have to sort it out.

What if my completed lessons are gone from My EDT? Unfortunately this does happen. I, like many instructors take a screen shot of the completed lessons when I upload them on my phone. I suggest my customers go onto My EDT and do the same. It is easy then to send this image to the RSA if they have lost the information.

When do I do My EDT?

These lessons are the basic driving lessons you take as you learn to drive. They are different from pre test lessons, which are the lessons taken in the week or two before your driving test. The RSA will not process your application for a driving test until the EDT lessons are done and uploaded. It is important to note that you should practice for three hours in between EDT lessons.


Approved Driving Instructor

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