Congratulations Marian Lambe, new ADI Chief Examiner.

July 5th, 2021

Allied Driving Instructors wishes to send their congratulation to Marian Lambe on her appointment as ADI Chief Examiner. Marian is a former driving instructor from days past, for fifteen years in cars and HGVs. She has a reputation as being very approachable. Marian became a civil servant in 1998 when she started working as a driving tester. We hope this appointment can improved driver education and communication throughout the country.

Allied Driving Instructors are looking forward to working with Ms Lambe as Chief RSA Examiner.

“Dear ADI,

Please note that Ms. Marian Lambe has been appointed as ADI Chief Examiner in the Driver Education Section.  Marian took up her role with effect from Monday 5th  July 2021.

Kind regards, Driver Education Team.”

“Hello there,
I am delighted to get this opportunity to speak to you all and explain a little about my background. I joined the Department of the Environment and Local Government in 1998 as a driver tester. For fifteen years prior to that, I worked as a driving instructor, teaching in both cars and HGV’s. I continued working as a Supervisor in driver testing until June 2021 when I started my most recent role as Chief ADI Examiner in Driver Education Section.

It is our job to work collectively to raise awareness of the importance of staying safe on our roads and educating young drivers in that respect. I would like to thank you all for your hard work and cooperation particularly in recent times. I am asking all ADI’s and CPC trainers to redouble your efforts and to take every opportunity through your life saving work to promote a culture of safe and socially responsible driving among the people that come to you to learn. By continuing to focus on saving lives we intend to keep road safety as the uppermost priority in our driving.

It is important to consider our responsibilities to ourselves, our families, and all other road users, not to get distracted whilst coaching, giving tuition or driving, by using our mobile phones or other such media devices. I am looking forward to working with you, and I would like to thank you all for your continuing support in keeping our roads safe.

Marian Lambe
Chief ADI Examiner

Marian Lambe

Approved Driving Instructors

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