EDT Lesson 3 Changing Direction

September 2nd, 2012

EDT Lesson 3 Changing Direction

Allied Driving Instructors can help with EDT Lesson 3 Changing Direction.

What is the objective for EDT lesson 3 Changing Direction?

During this lesson your ADI should make sure that you use key observational techniques in low-risk driving situations such as in quiet residential areas, quiet local and rural roads.

What is the minimum this lesson should cover?

During this lesson, you should drive in light traffi c situations in order to cover the MSMM (Mirror, Signal, Mirror, Manoeuvre) routine. You should also cover basic scanning techniques when: turning left and right, turning at roundabouts and when negotiating junctions. Expected outcomes: what should I have learned by the end of Lesson 3?

At the end of the third lesson, you should be able to show that you can: use mirrors appropriately and carry out the MSMM routine correctly. You should also be able to show that you can do the proper ‘safety glances’ when: moving off, turning, at junctions and negotiating roundabouts. You should be able to show that you are aware of blind spots and how to compensate for them.

How should I prepare for Lesson 4?

To achieve the expected outcomes from Lesson 4, you should have; completed Lesson 1 to Lesson 3. Practice is key: To feel confi dent about meeting the learning objectives, you should also have: read the expected outcomes of this lesson done enough practice with your ADI, Sponsor, or both and done any relevant study. Specifically, you should have practised the key observation techniques when changing direction for at least three hours.

EDT Lesson 3 Changing Direction

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