Is the driving test hard?

March 9th, 2021

Is the driving test hard?

Is the driving test hards? Yes. Do not be fooled by driving schools claiming 99% pass rates. The overall, actual pass rate floats between 40% and 50%. But that does include people who are taking their tests without any help from a driving instructor. Getting help from a good driving instructor is important. Some of the schools with the suspiciously high claims are just making it up. Others that say they can verify their claims are not mentioning their measurement criteria. If an instructor does not let a learner use the school car until they have done fifty lessons and passed five mock tests, then they will have an excellent chance of passing the test. But will have spent over a thousand euro on lessons.

How to Find a Good Instructor.

The best plan is to get driving lessons from a good, reputable ADI. If at all possible do plenty of practice, always trying to drive as best as you can. If you really cannot get access to another car, accept that you will need to do more lessons then others. Everyone should book a number of pretests a few weeks before their test date. You will have picked up bad habits or may need to turn your attention towards test routes. Preparation is, as ever vital. Is the driving test hard? Yes, but when the time comes you do have to book your test and do your best.

Know what to expect on the day. Take a read of more of our posts to help find out how to make it easier. Key things to remember. If you are making a mistake, fix it and get back to proper driving. Keep driving as best as you can until the end. You can do it.

Driving test Finglas

Meeting outside the Finglas test centre.

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