How to apply for a new driving licence, a renewal or a learner permit.

April 10th, 2021

How to get a learner permit or a full licence? Find out below. The National Driver Licence Service issue learner permits and driving licences in Ireland. Before you get your first permit you will need to do a theory test and get an eyesight report.

After you get your learner permit you will be required to do 12 hours of EDT driving lessons and have your permit for 6 months, before you can get a date for your driving test. If you have a full licence from another country you may be ellligile for the reduced EDT ( 6 hours ) and an exemption from this 6 month rule. Contact us to find the best ADI driving instructor in your area.

The National Driver Licence Service now offer an online service.

This can be use for:

  • first-time learner permit or full licence
  • renewing your driving licence or learner permit
  • updating personal details
  • replacement of a lost/stolen or damaged licence or permit
  • exchanging your foreign licence for an Irish licence

How to Get a Driving Licence in Ireland

Open the above infographic in a new page.

To apply online go to

You will need your Public Services Card and your verified MyGovID.

To get a public services card contact your local Intreo office. For more details visit

To set up your MyGovID visit

The image below is a full Irish driving licence. The learner permit looks the same except it is pink in colour.

How to get a learner permit or full licence

Irish Driving Licence

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