How many driving lessons per week?

March 11th, 2021

How many driving lessons per week?

The RSA have a recommendation for a one hour driving lesson every two weeks. In addition to this they suggest  three hours of practice between each lesson and before your first proper driving lessons. If that suits you, great. But it is not what suits most people. How many driving lessons per week is dependent on you.

I find that a number of lessons closer together at the start is better. It gets you to a level where your family or friends are more comfortable and confident in your ability. Then spread the lessons out more and more as you get increased opportunities to practice and fix mistakes in your own time. Which is cheaper than paying a driving instructor to constantly nag you over things you already know.

You can change how many driving lessons per week as the situation changes.

Other people will not have access to a car. If this is you, then an intensive course will usually be best. Also if you already have driving experience or a full licence from another country, then you may only need six or twelve hours to tick the boxes. But if you have no access to practice in another car, then you may be looking at thirty six hours of lessons.

The duration of lessons can also vary. Most people are just getting warmed as a one hour lesson ends, by the time admin and the lesson content is done. Sometimes a two hour lesson can work, depending on where you live and how much driving you have done. Personally, I find one and a half hours is often the most productive.

As the learner you should talk to your instructor to find what suits you the best.

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