How can I learn to drive quickly?

March 26th, 2022

There are a lot of challenges in learning to drive. Over the past few years there have been even more. Once you have done your theory test and got your learner permit, you need to learn how to drive.

Unless you are approved for the Reduced Essential Driver Training, you will need to have your learner permit for at least six months and do twelve hours of lessons before you are allowed to get a driving test date. The Road Safety Authority’s plan is that you practice for three hours before each lesson. But not everyone’s situation is the same. Many people have gotten their learner permits, but have not been able to get lessons.

So if you have done lots of driving over the past months, then an intensive course may be suitable for you. If you have not done a lot of driving then learning to drive quickly will be difficult, but not impossible. Driving instructors are usually booked well in advance, so some planning is needed.

Learning to drive quickly if you have never driven before.

If you are insured in another car then you can still get lots of practice in between lessons and hopefully get longer lessons or take the lessons closer together. The former is easy to arrange than the latter. However, if you are not insure in another then you are likely to need more lessons. The way I describe this is; if you are exceptionally talented then it is possibly to pass the test with just twelve hours of lessons and no more. Alternatively, if you are still pretty good at driving you could pass with just eighteen to twenty four hours of lessons. Although, if you are an average person then you could pass with twenty four to thirty six hours of lessons.

This can be a big commitment and is not going to be cheap. What I recommend is a slow start to let you make sense of  how driving works. Then a bulk load of lessons to get you driving reasonably well and through the EDT process. After that a number of filler lessons to keep you on form. But most importantly scheduling a bundle of lessons close to the test to really get you sharpened up.

Learn to drive quickly

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