Driving Test Nerves – What To Do?

July 30th, 2022

Driving tests can be pretty stressful and nerves can be a real issue. A little bit of adrenaline
is good, but too much can cause problems. So, how do you deal with driving test nerves?
Here are some tips to get yourself under control.

1. Tell yourself you’re ready.
A professional driving instructor will not let you take your driving test until you are fit enough to do
so. On the other hand, you won’t be taking the test unless you are confident in your driving
skills. Knowing you are doing something that you have practised well helps build up your

2. Chill Out.
One of the best ways to keep nerves under control is to just chill out and relax. The best way
to do this is to spend your time focusing on doing something you like – that could be playing
Playstation, going for a walk, gardening or just sitting on your outdoor furniture in the garden.
Whatever helps take your mind away from the issue at hand is a good way to keep nerves at

3. Don’t skip meals.
Eating might be the last thing on your mind when you are under pressure. But without food,
your brain won’t have the required fuel for the test. Hence, you should eat something before
the test. It will help you concentrate on the job at hand. Even a banana would do, and you
don’t want a full meal.

4. Pretend it’s a mock.
The best thing is to pretend it’s another mock test. It helps relieve some pressure. True, you
may find the examiner holding an iPad in a hi-viz jacket, but you are more likely to
succeed when you are not under pressure. Put on your best performance without worrying
about anything going wrong. The most important thing is to remember that no one is
requesting you to do anything you have not done in your lessons.

5. Arrive at the test center in good time.
Try to get to the test centre about 15 minutes earlier so that you are not hurried or waiting
too long. But with the Covid-19 pandemic, the government recommends arriving no more
than 5 minutes before the appointment time. The best thing is to free yourself from any other
major event during the day. That helps release your stress and focus on the task at hand.

6. Don’t do too much on test day.
Since you have already spent the last few days or weeks preparing for the driving test, you
don’t need to beat yourself up on test day. Sure, you should have a drive just before the test,
but you don’t have to perform the perfect turn just before arriving at the test centre.

7. Stay off the caffeine.
Drinking too much caffeine before the driving test will make you feel nervous and agitated.
The best thing is to avoid caffeine on the test day and instead drink plenty of water or
something naturally calming like chamomile tea.

8. Go to the toilet.
You do not want any distractions during the test. Hence, go to the toilet before the test

9. Remember, there’s no rush.
The driving test isn’t designed to check your speed or how fast you can reverse the vehicle.
take your time and manoeuvre the vehicle properly. The examiner will want to see whether
you make the right checks and complete all manoeuvres safely. Take your time, there is no

10. Don’t beat yourself up.
Over 40% of learners fail their tests. So, you are not alone even if you don’t make it. The
most important thing is to learn from your mistakes and become better the second time

Driving test nerves are normal. But Allied Driving Instructors are here to help.

Driving Test Nerves

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