Raheny Driving Test Centre

March 18th, 2012

Important note: This is not the RSA site for the Raheny driving test centre. This is a driving school information page about the test centre. To contact the RSA go to the RSA contact page.

The test centre can be found at 4 All Saints Park, Raheny, Dublin 5.
The waiting times for driving tests in Raheny is on average 8 weeks, although it is significantly higher than that at present in 2023.
The general pass rate for all learner drivers who do driving tests in Raheny, Dublin driving test centre is only 43%.
* This will be increased with driving lessons from Allied Driving Instructors. *

How can Allied Driving Instructors help you?

Firstly we can help with any EDT or Reduced EDT lessons you want to do in the area. This can be if you live nearby or if you want to double up on covering the test routes. We can also help with mock tests and improver lessons. A mock test is a good idea to allow you to benchmark you standard of driving. This gives you a good idea of what you need to improve on to pass the driving test. We can also help you make sense of the tricky roads in the area. There are quite a few confusing junctions. We can point out the changes in speed limits and tell you what the RSA testers will be looking out for. Then when the big day comes, if you need a car we can provide manual or automatic cars for the tests in the Raheny driving test centre.

Call 0876697076 for a pretest driving lessons in the Raheny driving test routes or for driving lessons in Dublin. Also make sure to look through the rest of our site to get lots more information that will help you pass your driving test first time.

Raheny driving test centre