Overview of the Driving Test application and booking process

August 2nd, 2023

Overview of the Driving Test application and booking process.

Allied Driving Instructors encourages people to book a pre test lesson before picking a test date.

To apply for a driving test, test candidates should sign up or log into our
MyRoadSafety customer portal. Once registered and logged in, candidates should
set their licence goal (i.e. pick the licence category they want to take a test in).

◼ As there is a current backlog of applications to be worked through test candidates will
need to join our waiting list and pay the relevant test fee. This video shows how. Test
candidates can apply for their test at any stage of their learning to drive journey but they
will not join the invitation queue until they are eligible to take their test, i.e. all EDT
Sessions are complete and uploaded to the portal by their ADI, and they have held their
first learner permit for at least 6 months.

◼ Once they are eligible they can check our online estimator to see an estimate date of
when they are likely to receive an invitation to book a car driving test. The estimator also
lets you see the latest estimate time to invite for each test centre (for a person who is not
yet eligible or has not yet applied). Where a person has previously been unsuccessful at
test or has applied for a category other than car, they usually get invited between 8 and
12 weeks after applying (once eligible).

◼ When the persons application is reached in the queue, they are emailed a booking
invitation that is valid for 10 calendar days. The test candidate can then log into
MyRoadSafety customer portal and select any available slot in any test centre that
accommodates that test category over the following 30 days.

◼ If a person is not ready to take their test and does not want to book a test slot when they
receive their invitation, then they do not need to take action and their application will
automatically be ‘paused’ after 10 calendar days. Whenever they are ready to get a new
invite they can fill out this simply form to un-pause their application and they will be added
back to the invitation queue.

◼ As any vacant slots are available for take up by any customers with a live invitation there
is no cancellation list in operation and all invitations are issued in strict rotation from the
invitation queue. This is in the interest of fairness and transparency to all who are waiting
to take a test.

◼ Where a person requires an urgent test, they can seek to have their application prioritised
by filling out our Emergency Test Request Form. This service is currently limited to
Critical Frontline Workers, that is, those employed by the HSE, a private hospital or the
emergency services and who need to drive as part of their job (excluding commuting to
place of work). Once a person meets the criteria then their application will be prioritised,
and they can expect to receive their invite in 1 or 2 weeks.

Now the Driving Test application and booking process should make much more sense.

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