Driving Lessons Waterford

November 11th, 2023

Driving lessons Waterford are now available from Allied Driving Instructors – Waterford driving school.

We offer a door to door service in many parts of Waterford. This includes Gracedieu, Clashrea and Brownley. As well as Trinity, Lismore and Skibbereen. In addition to Ballynaneasasgh, Newtown, Grange and Granstown. We can also go to townlands farther out in Whitfields, Caragavoe and Killure Cross. If you live just across the county border in Kilkenny, we can help with lessons there too. It is also possible meet at your workplace in Bilberry or any of the industrial and business parks. Also in or near the Hospitals and the college. Additionally we can meet at the various shops, centres and retail park.

Allied Driving Instructors – Waterford driving school can help with EDT driving lessons, improver driving lessons, pre test driving lessons. We can also help with reduced EDT and intensive courses. Additional services include driving orientation for workers from other countries, transition year driving and ADI training.

How to get a driving licence in Waterford.

First you will need to do your theory test. This can be done in The Atrium at Maritana Gate on Canada Street. This is just beside the People’s Park. After that you will need to get  your learner permit from the National Driver Licence Service. This can be done online. But you can also go to their office which is in the Waterford Shopping Centre in Lisduggan. Next is your Essential Driving Lessons and get a lot of practice. Allied Driving Instructors – Waterford driving school will be the best people to help you with this. We can also help you with pre test driving lessons in Waterford for when your driving test is due. The Road Safety Authority has a test centre in Waterford at the Six Cross Roads Business Park.

Driving Lessons Waterford

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