Driving Lessons in Mullingar

November 26th, 2023

Driving lessons in Mullingar are available from Allied Driving Instructors – Mullingar driving school.

Before you begin your driving lessons you will need to pass the theory test. For this, go to the test centre on Castle Street. After that, you will need a learner permit. You can do this online or go to the National Driver Licence Service in the Mullingar Shopping Centre. This is when you need to contact us for your Essential Driving Training (EDT) lessons.

We can call to your home in Robinstown, Sherwood and Irishtown. As well as Ashfield, Petitswood and Ballinderry. In addition to Grange South, Sarsanstown and so on. We can also start and finish from or near your work place in Mullingar Business Park, the Hospitals or the town centre. In addition we meet at your sports club or school for the senior students.

At A.D.I. Driving we offer EDT driving lessons for nervous beginners and reduced EDT for experienced drivers. Additionally we can help with improver and practice lessons. As well as pre test driving lessons. The Road Safety Authority (RSA) driving test centre is in Bellview and we can show you the Mullingar test routes. These driving lessons can be in our dual control, driving school. Although when you have more driving we can also use your car.

Take time to study all the information we have on our website. This especially includes the useful links page, the driving lessons page and the pre test pages. If you have any more questions about driving lessons in Mullingar, feel free to contact us.

Driving lessons in Mullingar

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