Driving Lessons in Ballymun

July 28th, 2023

Driving Lessons in Ballymun have been available from Darragh and Allied Driving Instructors since the mid 2000s. We have been offering driving lessons here since before the RSA set the Essential Driver Training syllabus (EDT) and continue to do so, to the highest standard.

ADI Driving can help with EDT driving lessons, reduced EDT, improver, intensive and pre test driving lessons in automatic and manual cars. We have lesson plans for nervous beginners. Also those who have a little more experience and confidence. As well as those much more experienced drivers who are nearly ready for the driving test. Additionally we can help the experienced driver from another country who has approval for the reduced EDT.

There used to be a driving test centre in Ballymun, up by the NCT centre. But that is long gone. The nearest RSA centre is in Finglas, on Jamestown Road. They have run other test centres in the area, but this one in the Jamestown Busness Park is permanent.

Driving lessons are available in Ballymun and surrounding areas. This includes Poppintree, Santry, Glasnevin and Finglas. As well as other parts of Dublin 9 and 11. Also further up into north County Dublin.

Allied Driving Instructors along with Irish SoE have also done transition year driving lessons in Ballymun with the students of Trinity Comprehensive. This is part of the transition year road safety course that we can run.

Driving lessons in Ballymun

Pretest driving lessons.

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