Driving Instructors in Limerick

April 22nd, 2014

Here at Allied Driving Instructors we are looking for a driving instructor or driving school to cover driving lessons and pre-tests County Limerick and surrounding areas. We now have a driving school in Woodview Limerick that works with us. But Limerick is a big county.

We consistently rank very high on Google searches in counties where we have run a marketing campaign to improve an instructors profile. Make sure to follow the links lower on the page and see how well this has worked for other ADIs.

Instructor needed for Limerick south.

We need a good, reliable RSA ADI driving instructor in County Louth who will continue to offer driving lessons under their own driving school name. But who will take referrals of learner drivers from ADIDriving for driving lessons in County Limerick. They must also be able to help customer pass their driving test on the Limerick driving test routes. We would like the driving instructor to be an experienced, established ADI who would like to take on a little more work by being the listed instructor on this page and other pages on our site. The driving instructor would continue to drive their own car, using their own name and number, charging their own prices. We want to give you some of the learner drivers that call us from County Limerick looking for driving lessons from great instructors. Obviously there is a small fee.

Andy has had great success by being listed in Meath. We will also write a blog article about your qualities as a driving instructor, similar to Adrian’s well read article. We can promote links to your site through our Social Media pages, which include; www.facebook.com/DrivingTestCentres and www.facebook.com/DrivingInstructorsInIreland. If you don’t have a site we can create one for you, within our site, like this. Otherwise we will simply send strong links to improve your site and customers to improve your workload.

If you are an ADI working in County Limerick ( or any other region ) and are interested in some more customers from this site, comment here, message us through Facebook or email us.

To get a full idea of what we offer and the terms involved contact us & READ THIS, in particular looking at the section on regional instructor & regional instructor packages.

By Darragh Dunne, ADI.

Driving Instructors in Limerick

Driving Instructors in Limerick

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