RSA Press Release May Bank Holiday Period 4th-7th May 2012

May 4th, 2012

Drive Safe on the Bank Holiday

RSA press release

There are few areas in Ireland that have not been affected by what happens on our roads. It is important to drive safe on the bank holiday and every day. Fatalities and serious injuries affect all members of our community. To date, 58 people have tragically been killed. This is however, 7 less than last year.

As we head into the first Bank Holiday of the summer, we would like to remind all members of the community to pull together and make this weekend as safe as it can be. We continue to thank every road user who has played their part in reducing the pain and grief that comes with every fatal or serious injury road collision, and remind ourselves that no one can ever be complacent about road safety.

Last May Bank Holiday, 4 people were tragically killed and 9 people were seriously injured on our roads. 11 people in total were killed in the month of May 2011.

For this May Bank Holiday weekend, An Garda Síochána is sending out a general message to reduce speed, never drink and drive, always wear seatbelts and be well rested before setting out on any journey. Most importantly, drive in accordance with all the prevailing conditions at that time. Bearing in mind the challenging weather we have experienced recently, this is of particular importance. Every journey will be different so we all need maximum concentration to continually adapt to all that is going on around us. Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists should also keep road safety in the forefront of their minds.

Assistant Commissioner John O’ Mahoney said today:-

“As we head into the May Bank Holiday weekend we appeal to all road users to again play their part in keeping our roads as safe as they can be. Although 7 less people have been killed on our roads compared to last year, none of us can afford to be complacent. We must be mindful that any mistake on the road can lead to very serious consequences for all involved. We will see significant numbers travelling on our roads. With this extra traffic, journeys times will increase and we therefore appeal to all that are travelling on long distances to leave in plenty of time, plan their route, take their time and be well rested before setting out on their journey. As we have seen recently, weather conditions can deteriorate significantly. Please reflect this in your driving. Slowing down is the safest way to deal with any weather or road hazard”

Mr. Noel Brett, Chief Executive, RSA also appealed to road-users to be careful on the road: “Every bank holiday weekend, we talk about numbers killed in past bank holiday crashes, but of course they are not just numbers. They were members of our community, a father, mother, brother, husband or child and tragically 33 valuable members of our community lost their lives in May Bank Holiday crashes since 2005. This May Bank Holiday weekend, let’s aim to make it free of any further suffering or loss. Take care on the road, if you are driving wear your seatbelt, slow down and never ever drink and drive. Watch out for motorcyclists, cyclists and people out walking on the road. In particular, I would appeal to drivers to allow plenty of space when overtaking or passing cyclists on the road. Of course motorcyclists, cyclists and walkers should stay safe by wearing a high visibility jacket.”
as of 3rd May 2012

May Bank Holiday 2011
Friday April 29th – Monday May 2nd 2011 (4 days inclusive)

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Drive Safe on the Bank Holiday


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