Do you have to pass the driver theory test before you can drive?

April 20th, 2020

Do you have to pass the driver theory test before you can drive?

Short answer: Yes, you do have to pass your driver theory test before you can drive legally.

Longer answer: There’s more you need to do!

So what do you need to do before you can pass the learner driver theory test in Ireland?

Basically follow the sequence of the useful links on this page. Before you can do the theory test it can be helpful, but not necessary to get a public services card. You must also be at least 15 to do the theory test, as it lasts for 2 years before it must be exchanged for a learner permit / provisional licence. You will need to study for the theory test. There are lots of ways to do this; borrow or buy a book or DVD, go to one of the free websites or the official one, get one of the apps. The official site for theory tests is unsurprisingly

When booking the driver theory test ( and your actual driving test ) be careful not to go to the wrong site. There is a foreign company that often uses Google ads to get to the top of search results. They will charge you more money then it actually cost to book the driver theory test in Ireland. Use the links from the useful links page or go directly to the theory test site.

The driving theory test in Ireland is 40 multiple choice questions, done using a computer. If you get 35 right, you pass. There is always a rumour doing the rounds that they are increasing this. The pass mark always has and always will be 35 correct answers out of 40. What frequently happens is that they increase to number of questions from which you can be asked. At first there was just a several hundred possible question, then over a thousand, then over two, then three and so on.

Some of the questions are easy. Some really need to be studied. Make sure you are consistently passing mock tests before your real driving theory test. After you pass the test it is off to the NDLS to get your learner permit / provisional licence. Once you have that you can legally drive on public roads.

Pass the driver theory test before you can drive

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