Intensive crash course driving in Ireland

May 25th, 2014

Fast Track your driving lessons with a Crash Course in Driving.
Learn to drive in less then a week and then pass your driving test with
Allied Driving Instructors – Dublin Driving School.

Since April 2011 it has been compulsory to complete twelve Essential Driver Training lessons as part of the process of learning to drive in Ireland. Many people spread these lessons out over six months. But for some this does not work. Some people need to get their EDT lessons completed as quickly as possible.

If you have held your learner permit for six month, this crash course in driving may be for you. The Gardaí no longer tolerate unaccompanied learner drivers. Don’t take the risk, pass the driving test and get your full licence.

If you have a full licence from another country, this intensive driving course may be for you. Many foreign driving licences are only valid for your first year living in Ireland. After that you may be driving illegally!

At Allied Driving Instructors – Dublin Driving School we have arranged the Essential Driver Training ( EDT ) syllabus so that it can be completed in four or six days. This will allow you to apply for your driving test and receive a driving test date within two to ten weeks. It is advised that a final driving lesson or two be taken nearer to the day of your test. These lessons arevery useful as there will be a delay between the twelfth EDT lesson on the intensive driving course and your RSA driving test date.

The benefits:

  • Start and finish your own home, work place or any other place of your choosing.
  • Free log book supplied and lessons uploaded promptly.
  • Multiple explanatory hand-outs to help you learn to drive perfectly for the Irish driving test.
  • Full intensive EDT covered in four / six days; using 1 hour, 1 1/2 hour or 2 hour driving lessons.
  • Mock test and local driving test routes covered.
  • Excellent discounts for bundles of lessons.

By Darragh Dunne at Allied Driving Instructors – Dublin Driving School.
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Intensive crash course driving in Ireland

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