Changes to Driving Test Booking

September 11th, 2021

Driving Test Booking

Below are the latest guidelines for driving test booking. This can be completed through your My Road Safety Portal.

Dear ADI,

Now that the restrictions have been eased, you will be glad to hear that we can return to delivering driving tests for
all customers in the coming weeks. To facilitate this, there will be a number of changes to the scheduling system and how the driving test queue is managed. I encourage you to read all of the information set out below so that you and your customers are fully briefed on driving test booking.

Introduction of scheduling principles.

In the interest of fairness and transparency, driving test appointments will be offered in the following order:
1.Essential workers, who previously applied for an urgent test and who are eligible to sit their test
2.Customers who had to cancel a previous test appointment due to Covid restrictions.
3.After that, we will be issuing invitations based on eligibility and application date. This means, the earlier a
customer applied, the sooner they will get an appointment, provided they are eligible to sit their test.
4.If they were not eligible to sit the test when they first applied, then their position in the invitation queue is
determined by the date they finish their EDT.

Process for booking a test.

Once we reach a customer’s application in the queue, we will email them a booking invitation. They will have 10
days to book an appointment. After this they will be removed from the invitation queue.

Requests to be re-added to the invitation queue.

If a customer doesn’t make a booking within 10 days of receiving an invitation, they will receive a link to the
‘request to be re-added to the invitation queue’ form and once this is completed, we will place them back on to
the invitation queue.

‘Fast-track’ re-tests.

We are implementing a ‘fast-track’ re-test service for customers who’ve recently failed their driving test and
reapplied. Rather than having to return to the end of the queue, they will automatically be re-invited to book another test 6 to 8 weeks after they re-apply. If this is not enough time, they can complete a request to be re-added to the invitation queue form when they’re ready.

Car test waiting time estimator.

When the driving test service has fully resumed, we intend to launch a new online tool on our website. This will
allow car learner drivers on our waiting list, who are eligible to take their test, to see an estimated date of when
they can expect to get an appointment invitation.

Emergency driving tests for critical frontline workers.

We have developed a new Emergency test request form for critical frontline workers. This has replaced the old
‘Urgent test request form’ for essential workers. Where an applicant meets the criteria of a critical frontline worker
and the conditions for applying, we will do our best to prioritise their application.

We appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we implement the above changes. These will
enable us to get though the backlog as quickly as possible and ensure fairness to all who are currently waiting
patiently for their driving test.

Yours sincerely,

ADI Chief Examiner

Remember to book pre test lessons with an instructor before you pick a test date.

Driving test booking

Pretest driving lessons.

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