Can a driving licence be renewed online

April 15th, 2022

Can a driving licence be renewed online? Can a learner permit be renewed online?

Yes and no. You can fill in the forms online, but at the time of writing there is still a requirement to post in the paperwork. The following may be required.
A Public Services Card with a MyGovID.
Proof of address within the last six months.
Proof that you are resident in Ireland, if your birth place and nationality are from outside the EU/EEA
Completed medical report form within one month, if required.
For a third or subsequent learner permit, you must have taken a driving test in the previous two years or have made an application for a test.
The application fee of €35. If you are 70 years and over you are exempt from paying the fee.

So when you ask can a driving licence be renewed online and the RSA and NDLS say yes, you have to remember that there is context to the statement. You can apply online but you cannot fully process the application without posting the paperwork or bringing it to an NDLS office. It is hoped that photos of these documents will be accepted in the near future. Allied Driving Instructors look forward to this.

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