Automatic driving lessons in Lucan

December 10th, 2023

Automatic driving lessons in Lucan available with our automatic driving school car based in Lucan with Allied Driving Instructors automatic.

Bernard (Barney) Martin in a top driving instructor in Lucan. He is the senior instructor for our driving school in Lucan. He is an Approved Driving Instructor with the RSA and has been working as an driving instructor in Lucan since 2007. Yet still he has not lost his passion for road safety and his patience for every new, nervous, beginner.

The great new news is that he is also using an automatic driving school car now. This car will be ideal for nervous, beginners who are finding starting to drive a bit daunting. Clutch control and gears can sometimes be an unnecessary complication. Also automatic driving school cars can be convenient if you need to get driving in a short space of time. We offer intensive driving courses for this. Additionally experienced drivers from other countries may have spent their time driving automatic.

Our automatic driving school cars are available for the driving test. For many the hardest thing about the driving test is not the driving, but the test. Barney is a great instructor and you may be a good driver. But sometimes you need an extra little advantage to get you over the line. Doing the driving test in an automatic can be the difference between passing or not passing.

Take time to browse through all of the useful information we have on our site. We have lots of processes, tips and videos on our lessons page. Additionally we have plenty of key pages linking off our pretests page. Contact us and give Barney the opportunity to help you with automatic driving lessons in Lucan. Safe driving.

automatic driving lessons in Lucan

Bernard ( Barney ) Martin
Senior Driving Instructor with Allied Driving Instructors

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