Are Driving Lessons Allowed in Ireland During Level 5.

March 5th, 2021

Are Driving Lessons Allowed in Ireland During Level 5?

Short answer: No. EDT /  learner driving lessons are not allowed in Ireland during level 5.

No driving instructor can legally give EDT lessons at present and you legally can’t do them. The RSA have also closed the portal that allows driving instructors to upload your EDT lessons so if you have not completed your EDT lessons you will not be able to get a test date. There is a small exception to this. If you have completed your EDT lessons and are an essential worker you can get a test date at reasonably short notice. Your driving instructor will have availability for now so there is a good opportunity to get pretest lessons and your test done.

According to the current level 5 restriction you cannot take or give the driving lesson unless you are an essential worker with a date for the driving test. If you are taking a pretest driving lessons you must be Covid safe. This means no symptoms or close contacts. As well as wearing a mask and sanitising or washing your hands. The car will be properly cleaned and your Approved Driving Instructor will take the same precautions.

Are driving lessons allowed during covid

Are driving lessons allowed during covid

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