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July 6th, 2020

The union is now effectively disbanded. The Professional Driving Instructors Association has taken it’s place. For more details visit

During the Covid 19 pandemic the RSA continued to ignore ADIs. Also they showed no respect for us as partners in road safety. We received no communication from them as to their thoughts on various forms of PPE. Their reply in basic terms was, you don’t work for us.

Many ADIs had enough. Dominic Brophy gathered us together  to see if we could unite some how. There was some talk of a federation, that developed into talk of a union. Laura Broxson hosted a Zoom meeting with Unite, as they were showing interest in helping us to form a five person steering committee.

As driving lessons began again some turned their focus to work. Dominic, Laura and Darragh pushed on. We achieved the necessary fifty members in a surprising short time in the view of Unite and then the only problem was having a meeting at a time when social distancing would not allow meetings. However that was achieved on the 4/8/20 when the first official committee was voted in, following this the union branch of Approved Driving Instructors in Unite was ratified. See the next post for more details.

A straw poll was done of the union members biggest issues. Among these were the following; Revision or removal of the check test topped the list, bringing log books into the 21st century, fixing the EDT syllabus, problems with the stakeholders forum, access to toilets, the legality of testers getting out of the car while learners reverse & extensions to ADI permits.

What have we been doing?

Since forming, we have been working hard with our union reps. So far have:

Contacted the RSA, HSE, HSA and a number of TDs and Ministers regarding health & safety protocols for Covid-19, including the issue of ADIs being prohibited from entering RSA test centres. This issue is ongoing but already has resulted in many questions being asked in the Dáil on our behalf. These are now on record:
Pushed for the RSA to extend our ADI Permits, like they have done for driving licences. The RSA are now meeting to discuss this.
Challenged the current issue of testers leaving test candidate’s cars for the
reverse manoeuvre.
ADIs in Dublin have been hosting weekly protests outside the Finglas RSA Test Centre, and we are aiming for this weekly event to become nationwide.
Gotten media coverage for all these issues.
Launched a public Facebook page, were we post updates and ‘calls to action’:

Even though our union has only just formed, we have made great progress in uniting ADIs for our common goals. Also there has been a tremendous team effort nationwide towards achieving these goals.

What are our long term plans?
Replacing the check test.
Replacing the logbook system.
Reviewing the EDT.
Having a bigger role in improving driver learning and safety.
Being present and recognised at all RSA stakeholder meetings, and being a strong voice for ADIs in the union.
Hosting regular meetings with ADIs all over the country, to take note of any issues and work together to solve any problems.

But that’s just as a start! As a democratic union, every member’s opinions and concerns are valid, and we want to work with you to help solve any issues you are having.


Professional Driving Instructors Association

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