ADI Check Test – Planning, start and conduct

July 26th, 2023

ADI Check Test – Planning, start up and conduct.

Allied Driving Instructors can help understand the ADI Check Test – Planning start and conduct section with ADI training.

1. Setting the learning climate and

(a) Introduces and conducts lesson in a courteous and
friendly manner
If the instructor introduces themselves to the learner in a courteous and friendly
manner, a positive effect toward learning can be achieved. For example, something
as simple as a handshake or confirmation of the learner driver’s name. This can help
to create a good learning environment and achieve a good rapport.

(b) Asks the learner driver if there are questions
or concerns
After the initial briefing the instructor should ask the learner driver if they have any
questions or concerns before the start of the lesson, and this should continue
throughout the lesson. This can greatly benefit the instructor, especially if the learner
driver is having difficulty following instruction or explanations.

(c) Avoids demoralising language and behaviour
From the beginning and during the lesson any negative comments or negative body
language by the instructor can have a detrimental effect on the learning process
and should be avoided. Encouragement by the instructor can make the learning
experience more relaxed for the learner driver.

(d) Emphasises the importance of asking questions
and being proactive
At the start of the lesson the instructor should point out to the learner driver the
importance of asking questions and should encourage them to be proactive in their
own learning. If the learner driver is more involved by asking questions or seeking
clarification about explanations or instructions, then learning occurs at a higher level
and is therefore more effective.

Useful information and resources for ADIs are available through various publications.
For example, the RSA Driving Instructors Handbook is now available to view or
download free at Resources for Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) (

This is a great source of useful information and practical tips to help ADIs provide an
effective and professional service to their learner drivers by drawing on international
research and best practice guides.
Other valuable resources and information are available through the RSA YouTube
Channel at RSA Ireland – YouTube

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