A guide to Ireland: First time drivers, scenic drives southeast

March 19th, 2018

A guide to Ireland: First time drivers, scenic drives southeast.

Passing your driving test is one of the best feelings you’ll ever experience. After hours of lessons, learning the Rules of the Road and then eventually passing your test, you all of sudden find yourself with a new sense of freedom. Getting behind the wheel of your car and being on your own for the first time can be quite a frightening experience. For a long time you’ve had the reassurance of a driving instructor or experienced driver at your side, but it’s a learning curve and you soon get into the swing of things.

After you’ve been driving for a few weeks your confidence slowly starts to increase. Walking and public transport is now a thing of the past but it’s important that confidence doesn’t turn into arrogance. Ireland is home to many beautiful towns, cities, monuments and even road trips. It’s with this new sense of freedom that you can really start to explore what this amazing country has to offer.
Before setting off on your adventure it’s important to remember the safety precautions in order to avoid any potential accidents.

First and foremost make sure you have the correct type of insurance. Companies like Chill Insurance compare different covers and prices with a number of insurance companies, helping you get a deal that suits you. Weather conditions can significantly increase the chances of a collision, especially rain and ice. If you find yourself driving in weather conditions like these, remember to increase the stopping distance between you and the car in front, avoid harsh braking and approach corners slowly and with caution.

Above are just some of the precautions you need to remember when driving, but make sure to refresh yourself on how to drive in adverse weather conditions. With all of these factors in mind, it’s now time to hit the roads and discover some of Ireland’s beautiful destinations.

Scenic Drives Southeast Ireland.

Dublin to Wexford
What better place to start your trip than in the capital city? This scenic road trip takes you through some of Ireland’s most beautiful countryside and passes through the Wicklow Mountains. A place not to miss is Powerscourt Waterfall, the perfect destination for a relaxing walk, as well as offering the perfect back drop for your lunchtime refuel.

Wexford to Waterford
This drive from Wexford to Waterford takes you along the south east coast of Ireland, offering breathtaking views of the coastline. The highlight of this trip is being able to see the 13th Century Hook Lighthouse, the oldest working lighthouse in the world. Once you’ve wondered around the lighthouse and enjoyed the scenic sea views, why not jump on the ferry and head for the city of Waterford? There are plenty of places to grab drink and a bite to eat: finishing the day off nicely.

Here in Ireland we really do have some destinations to be proud of and being able to drive means you can start exploring them one by one. Passing your driving test really does open up a whole new world but it’s important to remember that the roads can be dangerous and you need to be prepared for all types of scenarios.

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