30 Modules Driving Lesson Syllabus

April 25th, 2024

Professional Driving Instructors Association

30 Modules

Driving Lesson Syllabus

By: Darragh Dunne, April 2024,

Director, Professional Driving Instructors Association

Owner & Senior Instructor, Allied Driving Instructors




This is a proposed syllabus for 30 modules of driving lessons. We would hope that this syllabus is adopted by Government and the RSA. This would include the sign off pages or an app for uploading completion off the lesson with feedback and future study and bookings.

The current system is 12 hours of lessons with a suggested 36 hours of practice. However, this syllabus could be ideal for a learner driver who is not getting an opportunity to practice in another car. An ADI would need the agreement of their customer to run with this syllabus as it is more than the minimum 12 hours. Although the ADI can choose not to proceed with EDT lessons if they feel their customer is not meeting the expected outcomes. They do risk losing this customer to an ADI who will sign off lessons easier. Until there is a change, the current logbook will need to be completed and an upload to the RSA site.

Each lesson will have core theory content to be covered along with time spent driving and practicing relevant driving skills under the guidance / supervision of the ADI. If the ADI and learner agree, lessons can be paired together. This can be done so that there is sufficient time to travel to suitable practice locations. Sufficient breaks from driving / theory should be taken to maintain a safe and productive learning environment.


Prior to each lesson.

Before each lesson the learner driver should:

Have a valid learner permit.

Be fit to drive.

Have agreed the date, time, location, and content of the lesson to be covered.

Have been directed towards relevant study material and read or watched this.

Have taken the time to practice any previously learned skill either with a sponsor or their ADI.


At the end of, or after each lesson.

Before leaving the relevant EDT lesson should be signed off and uploaded to the RSA portal.

The next appointment should be planned; including the proposed content to be covered.

After the lesson the learner should study relevant material and practice their new skills.



Suggested lesson sequence.


Basic Skills

  1. Primary Control. Moving off and stopping.
  2. Driving at moderate speeds. Appropriate use of gears. (*i)
  3. MSMPSLM. Major to minor / approaching junctions.
  4. MSMPSLM. Minor to major / Emerging from junctions.
  5. Theory and road sign review. Recognising and reacting to road signs.
  6. Crossroads.
  7. Roundabouts.
  8. Turnabouts.
  9. Detailed secondary controls. Introduction to independent driving.
  10. Recap and basic skills assessment.


Intermediate Skills.

  1. Recognising and reacting to hazards. (*ii)
  2. Yeilding and passing parked cars and obstructions.
  3. Yeilding to pedestrians and progressing with priority.
  4. Pedestrian crossings.
  5. Urban driving practice.
  6. Reverse turn.
  7. Level crossings.
  8. Rural driving practice.
  9. Night driving.
  10. Recap and intermediate skills assessment.


Advanced Skills.

  1. Overtaking cyclists and slow-moving vehicles. (*iii)
  2. Changing lanes.
  3. Basic mechanics. Changing a wheel, jumpstarting a car, changing bulbs.
  4. Independent and Satnav driving.
  5. Parallel parking.
  6. Bay parking.
  7. Emergency stop and dealing with incidents.
  8. Driving at speed practice. Major national routes.
  9. Advanced anticipating and reacting to hazards.
  10. Recap and advanced skills assessment. (*iv)


*i.           Lessons 2 to 9 can be done in any order.

*ii.          Lessons 11 to 19 can be done in any order.

*iii.        Lessons 21 to 29 can be done in any order.

*iv.         A basic first aid course should be completed before lesson 30.

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