Eaton Brae

January 24th, 2018

The RSA are receiving an increased level of concerns from local residents in Eaton Brae, Churchtown relating to high volumes of ADIs carrying out driver training. They have advised us that this is a private road and have requested that both ADIs and Driver Testers discontinue using this area.

Residents become frustrated by the constant use of their area for the purposes of driver training and it can be a major irritant to local residents. The residents in Eaton Brae, Churchtown have expressed great concern to the safety of young children playing in their area and the high volumes of Driving School cars practicing driving manoeuvres.

In the past the RSA has accommodated residents by requesting ADIs to reduce high levels of use, and be more varied in areas used for driving tuition. We have appealed for (and received) co-operation in specific areas and again wish to request that all ADI’s avoid the Eaton Brae, Churchtown area for conducting driving tuition. Driving Test routes will also be amended to accommodate this request.

We are once again asking for your cooperation in eliminating all driver tuition in Eaton Brae, Churchtown, which in turn will help us to continue to provide a service in cooperation with the wishes of local residents in this particular area.

Thank you in anticipation of your assistance with this matter.

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