How to make a car move off properly.

November 9th, 2014

Moving Off: Using the GOSH sequence for preparation.

  • Gears: Engage 1st gear.
  • Observation: Check your mirrors and blind spots to see if you will be able to move off without causing other road users to change their speed or direction.
  • Signal: Indicate that you intend to move off.
  • Set the pedals: Press on the accelerator to give the vehicle enough power to move off. More power may be needed for hills, busy roads, etc. Set the clutch at the biting point so the vehicle is trying to drive.
  • Handbrake: With a final check of the road, release the handbrake. Press down further on the accelerator and come smoothly up on the clutch.
  • Get into the appropriate road position. Typical road position is slightly to the left of the centre of the lane. Road position can vary for different obstacles and road types.
  • Change up through the gears to the appropriate speed.
  • Check your mirrors as you go.

By Darragh Dunne ADI

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