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March 18th, 2013

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Offering driving lessons and a range of other services in County Wicklow, Driver’s Ed was established and is operated by Edward Duffy. A Road Safety Authority, Approved Driving Instructor, Edward started DriversEd after many years as a transport manager. The objective of his Wicklow based driving school is to train people to be safer and more efficient drivers for life. In doing this the driving test becomes much easier to pass, which is usually the main objective for those calling driving schools looking for lessons.

Over time DriversEd has helped many people to learn to drive, through the Essential Driver Training ( EDT ) syllabus or in previous lesson plans. Many have gone on to pass their driving test using their own cars or the DriversEd dual control, training car. But the range of services does not stop there.

Motorway driving is a demanding and potential dangerous activity if you do not have the correct knowledge and skills. The higher speeds have higher consequences and costs. It is often prudent to take a driving lesson or two after the focus on the basic driving test. The addition of a trailer can add a range of issues. A trailer licence ( category BE ) is required to pull a trailer in situations that will seem common place to many living in County Wicklow. The RSA and the Gardaí are enforcing these rules more strictly as time goes on. DriversEd have a four wheel drive car and trailer specifically set up to meet the RSA requirements. This can be used for lessons and BE trailer driving tests.

A further extension to a car driving licence is a truck licence ( category C ). This can open doors to further jobs and DriversEd, as a qualified truck driving instructor, can help. The Certificate of Professional Competence ( CPC ) is necessary for professional truck and bus drivers and again DriversEd has the qualification, knowledge and experience to help. If you are the employer rather then the employee DriversEd can use their expertise and years of transport management experience to assess and improve your drivers. This is invaluable to improving safety, costs and quality.

DriversEd, for learning to drive and a lifetime of driving.


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