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    1. Latest News – Special discount on fuel for members

      We have secured a deal with DCI fuel cards for a 3 cent discount on petrol and diesel. Usually the best discount you can get is 2 cent. This will more than pay for your membership fees. Unite union membership does have many more discounts too. For the latest news make sure your in our WhatsApp group. If you are not already a member please contact us to be added.
    2. Open letter to all ADIs

      Dear ADI,
      August 18th, 2020Are you ready to help make much needed changes to our industry, and have your voice heard, while getting all the support and resources required? Then join the first ever ADI branch of ‘Unite the Union’ today, which was officially formed on 4th August 2020.Why join a union?
      As we have learned during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are last on the list of priorities for both the RSA and the government. To get the rights, respect and protection we need as driving instructors, coming together as a union is the best way to achieve our goals.Why ‘Unite the Union’?
      They are a union who work hard campaigning for their members, achieving goals and treating every member with dignity and respect. Unite believes in fighting for a fairer society, in an open and democratic way – every member is equal. They also still give each branch full control over their decisions, meaning we decide what’s right for us, and they support us in our efforts every step of the way. For more information see: https://unitetheunion.org/who-we-are/How much does it cost, and what do we get for that?
      18.65euro per month (less if you work part-time), and we get to keep 7.5% of all fees contributed for whatever we decide to use them for. We also have several union reps, access to meeting rooms and facilities, as well as press officers, legal advice and much more: https://unitetheunion.org/why-join/member-offers-and-benefits/affiliated-services-republic-of-ireland/Can all ADIs join?
      Yes! Whether you work for a school, are a franchisee or self-employed, this union is for you!

      Do you have to do anything?
      We will organise regular meetings at various locations around Ireland, to make it as accessible as possible for all members. To help make sure we know what your priorities are, we would encourage all members to attend every meeting if possible. Remember, unions are only as strong as their members – so we need and value your input.

      What have we been doing?
      Since forming, we have been working hard with our union reps, and so far have:

      Contacted the RSA, HSE, HSA and a number of TDs and Ministers regarding health & safety protocols for Covid-19, including the issue of ADIs being prohibited from entering RSA test centres. This issue is ongoing but already has resulted in many questions being asked in the Dáil on our behalf, which are now on record: https://www.kildarestreet.com/search/?s=driving+instructor
      Pushed for the RSA to extend our ADI Permits, like they have done for driving licences. The RSA are now meeting to discuss this.
      Challenged the current issue of testers leaving test candidate’s cars for the
      reverse manoeuvre.
      ADIs in Dublin have been hosting weekly protests outside the Finglas RSA Test Centre, and we are aiming for this weekly event to become nationwide.
      Gotten media coverage for all these issues.
      Launched a public Facebook page, where we post updates and ‘calls to action’: www.facebook.com/UniteADIUnion

      Even though our union has only just formed, we have made great progress in uniting ADIs for our common goals, and there has been a tremendous team effort nationwide in making our first steps towards achieving these goals.

      What are our long term plans?
      Replacing the check test.
      Replacing the logbook system.
      Reviewing the EDT.
      Having a bigger role in improving driver learning and safety.
      Being present and recognised at all RSA stakeholder meetings, and being a strong voice for ADIs in the union.
      Hosting regular meetings with ADIs all over the country, to take note of any issues and work together to solve any problems.

      But that’s just as a start! As a democratic union, every member’s opinions and concerns are valid, and we want to work with you to help solve any issues you are having.

      But couldn’t we do all of this for free, under an ‘ADI Federation’?
      The ADI Union will support any endeavors taken by fellow ADIs to support each other and improve our industry, but so far nothing else has been set up – and we believe that forming a branch within a union, with all of their expertise and resources, is the best way to achieve our goals while protecting each other and our rights.

      Who are on the ADI branch committee, and are these elected members

      Yes, all the positions were accepted in a voluntary capacity. Your committee members are:

      Chair – Dominic Brophy
      Secretary – Darragh Dunne
      Equality Officer – Laura Broxson
      Treasurer – Rita Kennedy
      Auditor – James Mooney
      Branch Officers –

      Still unsure if a union is right for you?
      Just contact us and one of our officers would be delighted to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

      Ready to join us and make our industry better for ADIs?
      Sign up here: https://join.unitetheunion.org/ or download a form here:


      Thank you,
      Unite ADI Branch

    3. Campaign to Stop Check Tests

      🚘 URGENT: Please email Minister Ryan and ask that he work with us to extend ADI Permits and stop Check Tests! Email…

      Posted by Unite ADI Union on Saturday, 5 September 2020

    4. Extension of ADI Permits

      🚗 Since the RSA announced the new extension of driving licences, the ADI Union and our members have been pressuring the…

      Posted by Unite ADI Union on Sunday, 23 August 2020

    5. Temporary Suspension of Check Tests

      🚘 It has been confirmed to us that Check Tests are to be suspended by the RSA, for the duration of the Level 5 lockdown….

      Posted by Unite ADI Union on Monday, 26 October 2020

    6. Friday Protests

      🚘 ADIs are protesting RSA test centres around the country – please join your local protest, or contact us if you’re…

      Posted by Unite ADI Union on Tuesday, 29 September 2020

    7. Support from TDs

      Thanks to Louise O'Reilly TD and Darren O'Rourke TD for raising the plight of Unite ADI Union members who are being left…

      Posted by Unite ADI Union on Wednesday, 9 December 2020

    8. Selected Mainstream Media Articles














    9. ADI Union proposed Strategic Road Safety Plan

      Public Consultation on the Development of the Government’s Road Safety Strategy 2021–20301. What should Ireland’s road safety priorities be for next ten years?Driver Education:

      • Essential Driver Training review 2019 needs to be re-evaluated.
      • Update the driving test to include parallel parking, independent driving and emergency Stop manoeuvres.
      • Classroom based theory programme as used in European countries during the learner-driving phase.
      • Invest in driving test centres allowing manoeuvres to be completed on site.
      • NCT, Theory Testing, NDLS and Driver testing in one location.
      • The RSA need to take measures to STOP unaccompanied learner drivers at driving test centres.
      • The Approved Driving Instructor biannual check test should be re-evaluated to move away from pass/ fail model to improving professional development.
      • Implement rehabilitation and driving awareness courses as court-based sentencing options for specific offenders.
      • Since the formation of the RSA in 2006 the appeal proceduce for driving test result has only been allowed through the courts.

      2. How to address these priorities:

      • Essential Driver Training review 2019. A comprehensive research review of EDT is needed which includes the Sponsor as a stakeholder and an independent research body needed to complete this consultation (RSA has become reliant on Competency Assurance Solutions as sole provider of research analysis).
      • Parallel parking, Independent driving and Emergency Stop added to possible manoeuvres on the test. Tester chooses two out of five manoeuvres.
      • Proper facilities at test centre could enable some manoeuvres to be conducted in a safer environment and reduce the impact to local housing estates near driving test centres.
      In the Road Safety Strategy 2007-2012 this was proposed;
      “98. Commence a programme of review and modernisation of existing driver test centres and develop new test centres to meet the driving testing requirements of all vehicles.
      • Investment in driving test campus to conduct NCT, theory test, NDLS and driving test in one location will reduce the overall cost of providing these services. The impact of Covid has shown how driving test centres are struggling to cope with periods of excess demand, closing waiting rooms in test centres puts accompanying drivers at undue risk and harm.
      • Report unaccompanied drivers at the driving test centre to local Garda station and issue a driving test refusal.
      • The Approved Driving Instructor check test is currently a pass/ fail model of examination creating undue pressure. This should be changed to focus on improving professional development with training and information based programme to update skills.
      • Change the appeal procedure for the driving test to move away from court appearance to an ombudsman review.

      3. Comments on Road Safety Strategy 2013-2020:

      “A reduction of road collision fatalities on Irish roads to 25 per million population or less by 2020 is required to close the gap between Ireland and the safest countries. This means reducing deaths from 162 in 2012 to 124 or fewer by 2020.”
      Sadly as I write this on 10th November 2020 we already have lost 127 lives on roads in Ireland.

      • No mention of Essential Driver Training programme in 2013 strategy despite this been the foundation of driver’s behavior and attitudes to safe lifelong driving.
      • “28. Develop and implement a specialist ADI category to deliver initial training for drivers of Category ‘BE’ vehicles with trailers over 750kg design gross weight (car and trailer).”
      Has this been achieved?
      • “29. Develop and implement a programme for initial training for drivers of category ‘W’ vehicles (tractor).”
      Has this been achieved?
      • “33. Reduce long term reliance on multiple learner permits by introducing measures to ensure that learner permit holders sit a driving test before they can obtain a subsequent learner permit.”
      Has this been achieved?
      • “38. Review, update and expand the GDL programme to include new requirements to enhance skill progression for learner, novice drivers and consider the inclusion of other driver categories for post test training/experience during the N plate phase.”
      Has this been achieved?
      • “41. Work with the Irish Insurance Federation (IIF) to promote compliance with learner permit regulations and rules relating to vehicle modifications.
      Run campaigns and utilise customer databases to ensure that every learner permit holder covered by an insurance policy receives specific advice on learner permit regulations.”
      Has this been achieved?
      • “105. Make it compulsory for a breakdown emergency pack including a first aid kit, a high visibility vest, a breakdown triangle and a torch to be carried in all vehicles by end 2014.”
      A Public Consultation document was released in May 2015.
      What has been achieved from this consultation?
      • “106. Legislate, subject to legal advice, to prevent persons over the legal blood alcohol limit from acting as an accompanying driver for a Learner Permit holder.”
      Has this been achieved?
      • “107. Legislate for, subject to legal advice, and implement rehabilitation and driving awareness courses as court-based sentencing options
      for specific offenders.”
      In 2012 there were several discussions and media briefings in this area and indeed this was also part of Road Safety Strategy 2007-2012.
      Has any further progress being made?
      • “112. Conduct a Mid Term Evaluation of the Road Safety Strategy 2013–2020 in 2016, incorporating a review of the Strategy targets and actions.”
      If this was done in 2016 how did the RSA manage not to achieve so many targets in the remaining 4 years?
      • “134. Evaluate the cost benefit of reducing VAT from Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including child restraints, motorcycle and cyclist PPE with a view towards increasing usage of highest quality PPE and make recommendations to Department of Finance.”
      Has this been achieved?
      • “135. Evaluate the cost benefit of incentivising the purchase of vehicle components/devices and personal protection equipment (PPE) that are proven to have positive road safety impact.”
      Has this been achieved?

      I would like detailed response of the above areas numbered from Road Safety Strategy 2013-2020 where excellent submissions and targets were made, however to the best of my knowledge little has been achieved by the RSA .

      4. What can we learn from other countries?

      • Training with Sponsor is recorded in a logbook in Australia, America and countries that use a Sponsor in learner driver training.
      • Practical driving test in the UK has 5 manoeuvres and the tester makes a selection from these.
      • There is a zero tolerance to unaccompanied driving in the UK, and would not be tolerated as any DVSA driver test centre.
      • In many other countries, ADI’s have more control over the learner driver training programme, i.e., such as deciding when the candidate is ready to take their driving test, and submits the application on their behalf.
      • Rehabilitation program’s for banned drivers are used in America, England and several other EU countries.

      5. Any other relevant comments Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030?

      • Listen and consider Approved Driving Instructors input into the future of safe delivery of Learner driver training in Ireland. Many ADI’s have completed over 10,000 hours of driver training and are masters in their profession.

    10. Members Bulletin # 1

      ADI Unite Union
      Members Bulletin (Number 1) 24 September 2020Introduction04/08/20 – On a windy night in Finglas test centre a Unite union committee for ADI driving instructors was established. Congratulations to all elected.CommitteeChairperson: Dominic Brophy (Dublin 9).
      Secretary: Darragh Dunne.
      Equality Officer: Laura Broxson.
      Treasurer: Rita Kennedy (Ballisodore, Co Sligo).
      Auditor: James Mooney (Drung, Co Cavan).
      Learning Representative: Aidan Jordan (Leixlip, Co Kildare).
      Recruitment Officers: Brian Hewitt (Co Meath)
      Unite Union Representative: Jean O Dowd, Unite
      Unite Liaison Officer: Laura BroxsonLaura updates Jean daily with any emails, letters or calls as necessaryTo all the members of the Committee, who have made phone calls and sent emails, I wish to acknowledge and thank you for the work that you have done. Apologies if I have missed any activities from members, as there has been an abundance of work carried out on our behalf to date.First Committee meeting 11/08/20Refer Appendix 1We have many objectives to achieve and it is best to divide these up and show the work that has been done to date.Reverse Manoeuvre – Tester exiting the vehicle:• 08/08/20 Rita called into local Garda station to enquire, Garda information number given 071 9157045 which keeps ringing out.
      • 08/08/20 Brian Hewitt called into Finglas Garda station.
      • 10/08/20 Rita followed up call to Garda department.
      • 12/08/20 Darragh shared contact details of Garda stations in Ireland and also got a non-informative reply.
      • 13/08/20 xxx, Ocean FM asked the RSA to comment, No response.
      • 13/08/20 Dominic emailed a senior member of the RSA for legal clarification on stepping out of the vehicle.
      • 13/08/20 Thank you to a union member who highlighted this issue on Ocean FM radio station.
      • 14/08/20 Jean from Union wrote to Chief Superintendent Garda National Roads Policing Bureau on this issue.
      • 17/08/20 Darragh asked Jean from Unite to ask their solicitor for advice on tester exiting the vehicle.
      17/08/20 Dominic received a reply from a senior member of the RSA;
      o “This is permissible in law and has happened for years as a matter of course for HGV tests” and “accompanied rule does not apply to driving test.”
      • 20/08/20 Darragh received email from First Ireland to say that the insurance aspect of this manoeuvre is covered and they could not comment on the “legal aspect”.
      • 20/08/20 Rita rang First Ireland and asked for it in writing from AIG that insurance was covered.
      • 23/08/20 James suggested a sticker on passenger side of car requesting the driving tester not to leave the vehicle while it is moving with unaccompanied learner.Union Membership – How many members?Jean O Dowd is our regional officer and contact person with Unite Union.

      • 10/08/20 Questions put to Rita on “how many members?”
      • 10/08/20 James suggested doing up an information pack and application forms to get new members.
      • 10/08/20 A member introduced an ADI from Clonmel to the “Friends” group who has had previous dealings with the RSA.
      • 10/08/20 A member suggested having a vote to add people temporarily to the members Whatsapp to see what the members were doing.
      • 10/08/20 Darragh sites GDPR as reasons to not allowing ADI”s to temporarily join Union members Whatsapp.
      • 15/08/20 Laura drafted a “Welcome Letter” for new members.
      • 17/08/20 Darragh suggested doing mailing lists to contact ADI’s in each county.
      • 17/08/20 James commented that an ADI had difficulty joining Unite membership page. This seems to be a common theme.
      • 17/08/20 Laura drafted membership campaign on ADI Unite Facebook Page.
      • 18/08/20 Laura started sending out Unite information to fellow instructors.
      • 19/08/20 Rita started sending out Unite information to fellow instructors.
      • 23/08/20 Rita emailed bigger schools in Sligo, Mayo and Donegal.

      ADI Permit Extension – Driving licences renewal extended because of Covid.

      • 10/08/20 Laura received reply email from a member of the RSA that ADI permits would NOT be extended because of Covid payment. Case Number 2020116180.
      • 11/08/20 Dominic wrote to the RSA. They replied stating “it my require a change in current legislation”. Request will be sent to Department Transport, Tourism and Sport.
      • 18/08/20 Discussed at stakeholder forum, extension has been granted between 3-6 months. Waiting on RSA confirmation.
      • 23/08/20 Laura put up a thank you message on Unite Facebook page to the people who have worked on this.

      Back to work safety protocols from the RSA:

      An ADI from Wexford has been in the media highlighting the lack of safety protocols for ADI’s returning to work since July. We value her as a friend of the ADI union.

      • 11/08/20 James wrote to Niamh Smyth TD to ask questions in The Dail about the lack of clear back to work guidelines for driving instructors from the RSA.
      • 19/08/20 A member received a reply to a large number of emails sent on this issue, from the HSA advising that the RSA had already issued Q and A format guidelines to driving instructors. They also added a link to back to work safety guidelines for driving instructors from British Columbia.
      • 20/08/20 RSA send out this link from British Columbia to all driving instructors in Ireland.
      • 24/08/20 A member received a reply from the RSA advising that the protocols from British Columbia were sent to all ADI’s from the RSA on the request of the HSA

      Self-employed small business grant up to €1,000:

      • 12/08/20 Brian made enquiries about how ADI’s would get this grant.
      • 13/08/20 Brain was in contact with relevant departments to get updated information.
      14/08/20 Back to work business grant form available online. Link here:

      Thank You Brian for working on this and we can consider topic closed.

      ADI stakeholder forum: Does it represent all ADI’s?

      • 12/08/20 Dominic drafted questions in relation to forum:
      o How long can panel members remain on the forum?
      o Can a forum member who owns a large driving school be elected by employees?
      o Did a forum members company operate in breach of Covid lockdown rules?
      • 12/08/20 Jean from Unite wrote to RSA about representations of ADI’s and the current forum and asked for a Unite member at forum meetings, standard reply from a senior member of the RSA that forum is point of contact for all ADI’s.
      • 12/08/20 Aidan wrote to the RSA requesting that questions asked on his behalf be answered by the RSA to Unite Union.
      • 12/08/20 Aidan emailed each of the ADI stakeholders forum members to see if they were happy to be the sole contact points for ADI’s in Ireland. One forum member has replied to date.
      • 12/08/20 Darragh found out that we have an election due in the autumn for stakeholder forum members to be re-elected. No members on the forum representing Kildare or Carlow. Three forum members have been on the panel since 2011.
      • 15/08/20 Laura drafted post on Facebook to ask ADI union members to request Unite ADI member at stakeholder meeting.
      • 17/08/20 James emailed his forum reps. Reply?
      • 18/08/20 Aidan sent text to Forum members before their meeting to ask the question at meeting: “What happens if an ADI cannot get a response from Forum member?
      • 18/08/20 ADI stakeholder forum meeting, waiting to see if any decision made on appointment of panel members.
      • 21/08/20 Aidan received a reply from a senior member of the RSA, that they would bring up at next stakeholder meeting, forum members not replying to questions from ADI’s.

      Toilet Facilities – withdrawn from RSA operated driving test centres:

      • 08/08/20 Aidan wrote to RSA, OPW and RSA to highlight this and dangers of people walking around car parks. No reply to date.
      • 10/08/20 Darragh emailed HSE and RSA over safety of car park as a waiting area.
      • 13/08/20 Dominic emailed a senior member of the RSA on the issue.
      • 14/08/20 Dominic was in contact HSA to discuss this issue.
      • 15/08/20 Laura drafted post on ADI unite Facebook page to highlight issue.
      • 17/08/20 James contacted forum member before they met on 18/08/20 to query this.
      • 17/08/20 a senior member of the RSA replied to Dominic that this was closed for “contact tracing measure”. Reply sent.
      • 19/08/20 Dominic spoke with the head of Transport Safety Unit with the HSA. The HSA has not given advice to lock people out of toilets at driving test centres. She advised that testers are required to clean down cars when exiting after driving test.
      • 19/08/20 An Inspector with the Transport Safety Unit HSA emailed Dominic and stated “The HSA has no statutory function in relation to the management of the driver testing regime and how the RSA runs its network of test centre facilities” Reply sent from Dominic.
      • 19/08/20 A member made a video standing outside Finglas Test Centre https://www.facebook.com/467883596625541/posts/3189902984423575/?vh=e&extid=loKv4iqMeliqbQlv&d=n
      • 20/08/20 Rita took a video from her local NCT test centre where there was waiting room for 2 people and toilets available.

      Finglas Driving Test Centre Unofficial Protest – every Friday 10am:

      Since early July we have been holding a protest outside the largest driving test centre in Ireland to highlight the lack of RESPECT driving instructors are treated with from the RSA. It is an opportunity for all driving instructors to gather for an hour to discuss issues and show the RSA how we feel. This may become an official Unite protest in the future.

      • 15/08/20 Laura drafted up templates for posters that we can get printed off to be professional at protests.
      • 15/08/20 Rita put up post on Sligo ADI Whatsapp group to show the protests taking place in Dublin and seek support for local protest.
      • 15/08/20 Laura drafted leaflet to hand out to members of the public at protests.

      Thank you, to all who have attended over the past few weeks and apologies if I omitted anyone.

      ADI Check Test – one of the issues highlighted with ADI member survey

      • 15/08/20 Committee meeting suggested replacement similar to CPC.
      • 15/08/20 Aidan commented that a full day CPC each year would take up more time than a check test.
      • 15/08/20 Rita suggested a half-day workshop or a check test with pass/ fail omitted.
      • 15/08/20 James suggested no check test, 4-hour workshop every 2 years.
      15/08/20 A member suggested workshop type format to bounce ideas.
      23/08/20 James found check test guidelines for testers and made comparison for a new model for ADI’s.

      ADI check test – Difficult to conduct during Covid:

      • 12/08/20 Rita queried if not attending check test could affect permit renewal.
      18/08/20 Discussed at stakeholder forum, due to resume in September with tester playing role of student. Waiting on RSA confirmation.

      EDT Review 2019 – An issue Aidan has been researching since 2012:

      The EDT review 2019 came after the previous review in 2012, which was an answer from the RSA to use on all EDT related questions. If this review is adopted then we will not be able to pose any questions on EDT until next review in 2027. The good news is the 2019 review has failed in its methodology and stakeholder research involvement.

      • 13/08/20-17/08/20 A detailed report on the failings of EDT review was placed on ADI main Facebook page. It is quite a labour intensive report to pick through.
      • 18/08/20 Aidan started online petition to gather signatures calling for review to be completed again.
      • 18/08/20 Stakeholder forum meeting discussed and RSA said it would resume in October as Martin Mc Nulty is retiring on 4th September.
      • 19/08/20 Aidan wrote to Catherine Murphy TD, Darren O Rourke TD and RSA to query EDT review.

      Unite press office looking for official hash tag,;
      Unite suggestion – DriveTogether.
      Aidan suggested ADI-United.

      The committee continue to take calls from ADI’s throughout Ireland and put any questions to the panel where more consultation is needed.


      ADIU Minutes 04/08/2020

      Approved Driving Instructors Union.

      Minutes 4/8/20. Location Finglas Test Centre Car Park.

      Attending the physical meeting:
      Dominic Brophy
      Darragh Dunne
      Laura Broxson
      Brian Hewitt
      Philip Kirwan
      Albert Mulligan

      A greeting was given to those watching and listening on Zoom. It was explained that only those physically present were able to nominate, second and vote. As the meeting was being held outside on a windy night we moved straight on to the nominations.

      Chairperson – Dominic Brophy was nominated by Laura Broxson & seconded by AM.

      Secretary – Darragh Dunne was nominated by PK & seconded by Brian Hewitt.

      Equality Officer – Laura Broxson was nominated by Darragh Dunne & seconded by Dominic Brophy.

      Treasurer – Rita Kennedy was nominated by Darragh Dunne & seconded by Laura Broxson.

      Auditor – James Mooney was nominated by Darragh Dunne & seconded by AM.

      Learning Representative – Aidan Jordan was nominated by Darragh Dunne & seconded by PK.

      Recruit Officiers – Brian Hewitt was nominated by Dominic Brophy & seconded by AM.


      All of the above were elected unanimously by those in attendance.

      The meeting closed with a promise to have indoor Zoom meeting to discuss our issues and physical meeting in different parts of the country. Thanks to those who were able to attend.

    11. Members Bulletin # 2

      ADI Unite Union Members
      Bulletin (Number 2)
      27 September 2020

      EDT REVIEW 2019 6
      OTHER 6


      Chairperson: Dominic Brophy
      Secretary: Darragh Dunne
      Equality Officer: Laura Broxson.
      Treasurer: Rita Kennedy
      Auditor: J James Mooney
      Learning Representative: Aidan Jordan
      Recruitment Officers: Brian Hewitt

      Our Union rep is Jean O Dowd, Unite and Laura keeps her updated daily with any emails, letters or calls.

      ADI Union Zoom Meetings – 25/08/20, 15/09/20. 22/09/20

      Formal meeting between Laura and Dominic with Jean (Unite Union Representative) on 07/09/20 to discuss all the issues below.

      Darragh started a web page for ADI Unite Union: https://adidriving.ie/unite-adi-union

      Reverse Manoeuvre – Tester exiting the vehicle


      • Jean received confirmation from the Garda National Roads Policing Bureau that the “accompanied” driver rule does not apply on a driving test. There is No reference to “while under instruction” in the current act. They go on to state that the rule of being unaccompanied does not apply if you hold a valid certificate of competency.
      • A member emailed PARC Group , the Clancy law was drafted with their assistance.
      • James also emailed PARC to highlight issue.
      • Laura issued a media statement on Garda clarification.

      Union Membership – How many members?

      Posters printed from Unite with type-setting by Laura.


      • Dominic asks Union Members to help with recruitment drive
      • Friends of Union Whatsapp group used to encourage new members.
      • James texted Cavan, Monaghan ADI’s.
      • Rita contacted ADI’s in Sligo, Donegal and Leitrim.

      • James contacted all Longford ADI’s
      • Rita contacted all Roscommon and Galway ADI’s.


      • Laura contacted all Cork ADI”s.
      • Brian contacted all Limerick ADI’s.
      • A member contacted all Wexford ADI’s.

      27/09/20 Darragh contacted Meath, Dublin and Westmeath ADI’s


      • Laura contacted all Louth and Laois ADI’s.
      • Aidan contacted all Kildare ADI’s
      • James contacted all Kerry ADI’s.
      • The remaining counties were canvassed with the help of ADI Union committee.

      • Laura did Facebook post about legal services and advice available to Union members.
      • James sent email to ADI’s in Cavan

      27/09/20 Laura designed a campaign leaflet

      ADI Permit Extension

      31/08/20 Laura received reply from a Forum rep, has been approved at last forum meeting waiting on sign off from RSA.

      05/09/20 Laura does a media campaign to highlight stopping of check tests and ADI permit extension.

      12/09/20 Laura sends email to RSA and Minister Ryan about updates on ADI permit extension agreed at August stakeholder forum meeting.

      14/09/20 RSA email Laura and say there is NO extension planned for ADI permits as the government provided a Covid payment.

      • Email from RSA confirming 4-month extension to all ADI permits.
      • Laura put up media post on Facebook.

      Well done to everyone who worked so hard on this campaign.

      Back to work safety protocols from the RSA

      • RSA issue press statement about difficulties resuming driver testing. No mention of ADI’s as a stakeholder in delivery of driver training. https://www.thejournal.ie/driving-tests-covid-19-5183538-Aug2020/
      • Paul gets reply from RSA saying that link from French Columbia on back to work protocols was from HSA who requested the RSA to share.

      • A member gets reply from RSA saying logbook should be completed during Covid.
      • A member gets reply from RSA saying once lessons are uploaded promptly then No need to complete logbook.

      • Darragh receives reply from Data Protection Commission in relation to the issue of handling logbooks during Covid. They recommended we contact the Road Safety Authority’s data protection officer to request clarification on the use of EDT log books.
      Self-employed small business grant up to €1,000

      29/08/20 Laura did media post to highlight that grant is available now for all ADI’s.
      ADI Stakeholder forum: Does it represent all ADI’s?

      31/08/20 Dominic makes enquiry to the RSA about what ADI’s should do where they receive No reply to contact with their forum representative.

      18/09/20 Laura got a reply to question about only two female ADI’s on forum since its formation. The RSA replied that the election process is open to all ADI’s.

      Waiting room Facilities – withdrawn from RSA operated driving test centres

      24/08/20 Darragh receives a response from the HSA.

      “It is not unreasonable for workers who visit a work premises, for example, drivers making collections or deliveries, to request and be given access to toilet or hand washing facilities. In the present public health crisis and with the need to keep critical supply chains operating, companies who are relying on workers such as drivers to deliver/ take goods from their sites should make adequate and appropriate arrangements for drivers to avail of hand washing and toilet facilities at their premises.”

      25/08/20 John gets response from HSA saying that withdrawal of facilities is solely an RSA or Department of Transport decision.

      • Brian records video while waiting in the rain at Finglas driving test center.
      • Laura designed posters that we can share and print.

      28/08/20 Dominic records video outside Finglas Test Centre in the rain.

      30/08/20 Brian shares photograph of Fonthill NCT test centre waiting room and toilet facilities open.

      31/08/20 Airport Driving School offer use of their business toilets beside Finglas test centre.

      01/09/20 Jean made contact with Forsa who are the union representing driving testers. They are taking a firm stance on this issue and she will try and arrange a formal meeting between Unite and Forsa unions on this issue. Jean has also made contact with NPHET to boost our argument.

      02/08/20 James sent an email to the RSA in relation to a gentleman standing in the rain with two-year-old child while waiting for wife to return from the driving test. Had driven from Dublin to get a quicker test date.

      03/09/20 A member posted a video outside Tallaght Test Centre, over 7,000 views.

      04/09/20 Darragh receives reply from Workplace Relations Commission. They said these are not matters they deal with and referred us to the Health and Safety Authority.

      05/09/20 James sends email to Minister for Transport highlighting the need to provide facilities to people waiting for driving test candidates at driving test centres.

      07/09/20 Donal sent email to Eamonn Ryan.

      10/09/20 Dominic sends email to Eamonn Ryan expressing disappointment that no reply has been received from his email sent in August.

      13/09/20 Laura emails RSA and Minister Ryan to enquire if alternative facilities could be provided to help people wash hands and shelter.
      Laura also continues this with media post.

      14/09/20 Rita does up two videos at Sligo test centre highlighting the amount of space to provide facilities.

      14/09/20 James emails Minister O’ Rourke.

      16/09/20 Dominic emails Minister of state Hildegard Naughton who now has responsibility for Transport.

      23/09/20 James sent email to Pearse Doherty, Covid 19 Special committee.

      24/09/20 James receives reply from Darren O Rourke TD saying he will raise our concerns with the RSA.

      25/09/20 Militant Left recorded video interview with Laura.

      26/09/20 Laura sent email to Dessie Ellis (Sinn Fein), Roisin Shorthall (Social Democrats) and Paul Mc Auliffe (Fianna Fail).

      Driving Test Centre Unofficial Protest – every Friday 10am

      28/08/20 Finglas protest undertaken with 6+ attendees.
      04/09/20 Finglas protest undertaken
      18/09/20 8+ ADI’s at Sligo protest, Waterford 10+ and Finglas 5+.
      19/09/20 James had a protest in Cavan.
      21/09/20 James had a protest in Cavan.
      25/09/20 Finglas protest undertaken with 6+ attendees.

      Big day of protest planned for 02/10/20, Laura did media campaign on Facebook.

      ADI Check Test – one of the issues highlighted with ADI member survey

      24/08/20 Rita advised us that ADI in Sligo has check test 05/10/20, this is the first notification of check tests re-starting.

      05/09/20 Darragh drafts letter to be sent to the RSA and Minister for Transport in relation to the unnecessary need for ADI check test during Covid.

      07/09/20 A member sent email to a senior member of the RSA, re Professor Aine Carroll.


      • A member got a reply from RSA to say check tests will continue.
      • A member got a reply from RSA to say check tests will continue.
      • DA member got a reply from Eamonn Ryan to contact Minister Hildegarde Naughton.

      18/09/20 Laura posts media update on Facebook.

      21/09/20 Check tests taken place during Dublin level 3 restrictions. Laura did media campaign on Unite Facebook to highlight issue.

      EDT Review 2019

      18/08/20 Started a petition on “Go Petition”to get support from ADI’s for the following:
      “We, the undersigned, call on the Road Safety Authority Ireland, to accept that the EDT Review 2019 is flawed and it is essential that a further independent review is undertaken incorporating all stakeholders involved in learner driver training.”

      To date we have 39 signatures.

      19/08/20 wrote to a senior member of the RSA outlining all the issues with 2019 review document.


      15/09/20 EDT portal was acting up again.
      18/09/20 Ruth Coppinger contacted Dominic saying she would be happy to promote Unite ADI page. Ruth Coppinger is a contact of Laura.
      20/09/20 Aidan came up with new campaign logo. Driving Instructors want to TEACH,

      T Theory (theory test after you get permit, test issues)
      E EDT (any issues relating to EDT)
      A Access (access to test centre during Covid, accompanying driver)
      C Check Test (removal/ overhaul or consultation with ADI’s)
      H Healthy Relationship (Respect from the RSA)

      Laura did a Facebook media campaign.

      22/09/20 EDT portal showing error message again.
      23/09/20 Dominic contacted RTE Joe Duffy show to try and highlight our concerns, still awaiting a response.